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I'm looking for some thoughts or opinions about the summer. Our son is currently a JUCO freshman living on campus, 3 1/2 hours away. He is doing amazingly well with his baseball team, and not quite that good with his school work.

I am thinking he should stay where he is for the summer, rent a room, take some classes (he will need them to graduate on time), and have a job. He will turn 20 in March.

So, that said, here is my question: How important is it to play ball the summer between fresh. and soph. year for a JUCO student? Is this to stay in shape, for exposure to 4 year college programs? Or is this just for fun?

Maybe some parents have been down this road before, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Why not see what can be done with summer classes near to home so that he can play ball as well.

The summer games are usually at night so there should be no conflict

I see no reason why he cannot do both if the League he is looking to play in has a team in his home town.

If he wants it he can make it happen --- my guy did.

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If there is a local option where he can play ball and get some credits, that would be win-win.

I wish my oldest had that option, because he could keep what was a really good summer job last year. But the local summer college team is coached by a D-I staffer, so JUCOs are not eligible.

Ours looks like he's going to play summer ball about 8 hours from home. We're just starting to talk through options now.

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