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Local Juco D3 program. Not generally considered a strong program or conference. 25 players on the roster.

We know a kid on the roster. Absolutely LOVE this kid. Awesome person. Super friend. Leader personality. Great teammate. True baseball rat. NOBODY WORKS HARDER.

That said, being objective, he's not the greatest baseball player. His arm is too short for the OF or left side of the infield. This limits him to 2B. And, he doesn't have the greatest hands either. Also not a strong hitter.

But, again, you will never find a better person, someone who loves the game more or anyone willing to work harder. And I say this from watching the kid for 5+ years now.

Since I have such regard for the kid and root for him, I asked my son (who is his friend) how he was doing now that the season started.

He said he was on the team but not getting playing time. And, this I can understand. But then my son told me that they don't have him travel to road games. He only dresses for the games at home.

Is this a common thing for Juco D3? He's one of 25 on their online roster.

Literally, he's a kid who, if you told him there was no room on the bus, he would say "no problem, I will drive myself there and meet you at the field."

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@Francis7 posted:

No idea. I assumed a bus. But maybe it is vans?

Could be.  When our son played for a D2 Juco they had a travel bus that seated 28 so 25 players and the three coaches would go for away games.  There were about 35 on the roster so 10 would end up staying "home".  I don't think there are roster limits during the regular season.  Playoffs were a different animal if I recall correctly.

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