My son is going the JUCO route for post HS baseball. WHich JUCO in GA have onsite or subsidized housing as part of their programs. Some of them list it on their sites and was hoping to find the information here.
He would like the "real" college feel of dorm life.
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If I remember correctly, Middle Georgia and Gordon College have on-site dorms. These are 2 of the 3 top JUCO programs in Ga. The other is Georgia Perimeter but I'm not sure if they have dorms.
I know Darton College down in Albany has a very nice campus. They have dorms and the baseball facilities are really nice. They are the 2nd largest JUCO in Georgia behind Georgia Perimeter. I don't think the team is quite as good as Georgia Perimeter or Middle Georgia, but they are competitive.

Rather then start a new thread, I thought I would revive this one.   My son is also looking into JUCOs in Georgia or Florida.  Anyone have any updated information?  

Middle Georgia is no longer a JUCO, neither is Young Harris. I hear Georgia Perimeter was gobbled up by Georgia State and this is their last year as a JUCO. Darton is still there and a decent program. Then you have West Georgia Tech, Gordon College and ABAC. Those are the only 3 left that I can think of off the top of my head. Of the 3, I would say Darton has the best program at this point in time.
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Georgia Highland's home field is Lakepoint. Although they do not offer housing on "most" campuses around town, they do have a program in Marietta at the old Southern Poly campus.


Perimeter was rolled into Ga State.


Chipola is a baseball factory in Florida and offers housing but no meal plan.


Oh yeah, forgot about Georgia Highlands. They are a brand new program. I believe they just started last year.

Thanks.  It does look like a lot of the better programs are going 4 year.  I did not know Perimeter was becoming a 4 year.  That was on our list.  I was looking at Darton this morning.  Any one thoughts or opinions are greatly appreciated.  

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