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My son has caught the eye of a JC coach, called him and said he wants him to be a part of the team next year. Needs to make a decision in the next couple of days--but no mention of scholly or any money.Should that be on the table up front or if son says yes and shows interest-then will he offer money at that point.
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We went to a Florida JUCO showcase on Sunday and learned a lot. Among the schools that were there, the coaches told us this:

They gave out 18 total scholarships, and they range from tuition, fees and housing to just tuition and fees. One of them had breakfast and lunch included for the 100% guys. A couple of them had no on-campus housing, but gave an allowance. Each one is a little bit different. The one your son is talking with may be different as well, so best for him to nail these things down directly with the coach.

Among these four schools, they carry 32-35 players in the fall, and 23-26 players in the spring. A lot of scholarships go to pitchers. So that means they always have several walk-ons, who they said had just as much of a chance to be starters as the scholarship guys did. The example at Central Florida was a player who walked on last year and just signed with South Carolina. Naturally, they were all big on Bright Futures qualifiers.

All of these coaches seemed very approachable and made it clear that they wanted to hear from interested players.

I agree with floridafan - if they're talking to your son right now, I would expect some money to be offered. If you have Bright Futures and Florida Prepaid, plus a scholarship, you could have a pretty sweet deal.
This was a small one held this past Sunday, hosted by Central Florida. 40 players. The schools were College of Central Florida, Santa Fe College, Lake Sumter College, and Daytona State College. (for those who don't know, all of the Florida community colleges now offer a baccalaureate degree or two in addition to the AA or AS, but still compete in the NJCAA with freshman/sophomore athletes).

If you're interested, they have a bigger one coming up in December:
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