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Any you can supply would be great for my son. He is going in for his 2nd labrum repair in 13 months on Monday Dec.15th. What a brave and wonderful kid he is. Such a desire in athletics and is getting shorted to some degree daggone it! He is just 15 yo and a big strapping 6'1" 215lb freshman with all the talent in the world. We are going to Dr.Kremchek in Cincy this time, another Dr. did it the first time. Thanks for your thoughts!!!!!
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Eric, my 15 year old had his elbow cleaned up (he had a little bit of everything going on in there)in May and had a microfracture procedure done to fix some dead bone/bone loss. It didn't work and he had to have a bone graft done in November and he's doing great now...just waiting for the bone to heal.

The positive is you'll find he will bounce back much faster after surgery #2. Recovery goes much better as does therapy. The body seems to know what is happening better the second time and responds better. Tell him to hang in there. He's getting perseverance life lessons now...sooner than we want but he'll be a better man for it in the long run. My prayers are with both of you. Keep the faith!
Thanks Ty, come to think of it his mother and I need more strength than he does. He is maintaining a good attitude about it all. His future is likely in baseball, fortunately he is not a pitcher. We have almost already given up trying other sports to stave off any additional complications. Dr.Kremchek assured me that he will get him in complete working condition to compete still in what he wants to do (I will believe it when I see it !)
Thanks for reading and passing some great inspiration!
Best of luck with your son too!
I would recommend the ASMI PREVENTIVE & REHABILITATIVE EXERCISES FOR THE SHOULDER & ELBOW, 6th Edition. It's $10 and can be picked up at ASMI Webpage

Having this book(booklet actually) will give you the information you need to take to your physical therapist or trainer so that junior is following an established protocol of rehab. Be an eductated consumer, it's the best thing you can do for your son.

Best of luck in the surgery and rehab. Don't rush to get back, just get back.
Eric G...we're several weeks into a throwing program with mine. He's been off for a year, 2 surgeries as well. Two biggest things in my mind are

1)go by the throwing program strictly and don't rush it as tempting as it is. Be ready for 2 steps forward 1 step back...don't be frustrated by it, it's normal.
2)a little pain and soreness when he throws will be natural given the time off and multiple surgeries. Ask the doctor a lot of questions about what pain/soreness to be concerned about, and what to work through as normal time off/muscle use.

I will tell you after going through what you and your son have, nothing will bring such a great smile to your face as seeing him on the field doing what he loves again. You have some great joy after a trying time to look forward to.
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