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My youngest came home madder than a wet hen last night!

My son is Junior and is on varsity for the first time this year (although he may play some JV as our numbers in the younger guys are pretty slim).

The players get to choose their uniform numbers based on grade in school, time with the program, etc.

Well since my son has been with the program since 8th grade, he has always gotten to be one of the first to pick his uniform number. A senior had his number on the varsity team last year, so he was happy that he'd probably get to keep it and even got the number put on his class ring. (#14)

Over the summer a new senior transferred in from out of state and when it was time to pick numbers, picked #14. This was fine, as he was a senior and had that right.

However, this player has now been dismissed from the team by the Athletic Director due to discipline and my son asked coach if he could have his number back and coach told him no. Then son reacted incorrectly, then coach made him run.

Now granted, son deserved what he got, but geez us moms have to then deal with the grump when he gets home!!!
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It is funny to me how important a number can really be to ball players. My son became so attached to his # 11 , that after turning 18, graduating high school and going to college he had it tatooed on his arm. His Dad and I were not happy about him getting a tatoo, but what can we say. He says now no matter what number is on his uniform, #11 will always be his.

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