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I posted a reply to you in the other thread. Guess somebody didn't like it and deleted it.

Basically what I stated was that Mike made a mistake, and he appologized to the players for it. My son not only accepted his appology, but gained a lot of more respect and love for Mike.

I also stated that my son will miss Mike Marshall as he moves on to manage a Minor League team.
I think it's unfair to advertise that Kellerdad condoned the actions of his son's summer coach. As I recall, he simply tried to defend the guy as a decent coach overall. One incident doesn't make him a bad coach. I could be wrong in my recollection and, to be honest, I did not search for the topic that discussed it. But I don't recall KD supporting that particular event. Obviously, that coach showed a lack of respect for the game on that day.

And what did he say in the post quoted here that any of us can argue?

Kellerdad doesn't need me as an apologist....but let's not turn these discussions into personal dodge ball matches, without merit.

There are people that will support both laid-back and intense coaching styles.
Pumpkin Head just likes to take his "friendly" jibes at me and my son's team.

Here was my response to his nearly exact question from last summer'

What he did was wrong, and he has appologized to the team, to the Knights and to BBI for what happened.

The pitch in question wasn't an intentional bean ball, but it just happened to come after he said what he said. We also were completely out of pitching, and I mean completely, which prompted him to pull the team from the field.

I'm not going to get into specifics here on a forum, but we have put the event behind us and moved on. Coach Marshall will no longer be coaching for the Heat on the field.

But so you know how I stand personally, in my opinion Mike Marshall is a stand up guy and is well respected by the kids and the parents of the team. I would let my son play for him anytime, anywhere.

One incident does not make a mans character.

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