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Know you have a busy weekend and an exciting one for you and your family. Enjoy it, you will be missed and we will keep you posted....

Guess I have to sit between Ken and KD at the game if they both come.........should be interesting....but w/a margarita and chips in us prior it might prove to be an interesting game/conversation/insight.
Thanks for the invite to your pre game warm up. I would say don't count me out but please don't expect me. With several DBAT players still in the playoffs, it will be a last minute decision as to which direction I head.

Kershaw pitching in my backyard against Lake Dallas.

Tolleson pitching against a big numbers guy at Bell who I haven't seen.

Walden and Cohoon......too far away anyways.

Would like to see Sulentic at Hillcrest face Lankford.

Haven't got to see Holladay this spring either at WT White.


I sure would like to see FM and the "coach" do their thing.

So again, thanks so much for the invite, hope I can make it, but only schedule will permit.

Maybe I can run in, have a drink, and bolt.........nah, something tells me that wouldn't be possible.

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