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Has anyone's son ever had this taping? My son, a catcher, has been having off-and-on pain, in his elbow, only when he throws his hardest... His orthopedic surgeon has sent him to a physical therapist, prescribing Kinesio taping... He'll have it applied in 2 days...

If your son has used this, how did it work for him?

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This is something that hasn't fully made it to the United States yet. It's a big thing over in Japan from what I'm told. We have a few students in our athletic training program from Japan as well as one of the staff athletic trainers in the athletic department. They have all used it some and have shown a couple of the other students a little bit..
Thanks for all of the input! I have done quite a bit of research on the purpose and effects of the taping and I think it's fascinating! My son was taped for the first time just before a practice, so he could tell if there was a noticeable difference for him... He did feel a bit better with the tape; however, with so many variables involved, it's hard to say for sure yet whether it was just the tape that helped...

There are actually 3 different taping patterns for his particular problem, so the therapist is trying all of them to find which works best... My son just had his 2nd pattern done this morning and will throw some, over the weekend, to test it... He's also doing prescribed exercises at home each day and will begin ultrasound therapy on Monday...

I'll be sure to post about our overall experience with Kineseo taping, once all 3 patterns have been tried... If it's effective, I plan to have my son use it, proactively, from now on... I did find a good source for the tape, at a decent price, online, if anyone is interested!
I just saw this thread today and did a little web research on the kinesio-taping methods. My son went to the chiropractor today to start therapy for a back injury, and what do you know... he's now sporting two pieces of kinesio-tape on his back that he'll leave until the next visit. I am hoping that it works as well as everyone claims. My son feels good, so we're off to a good start.

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