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F3887B72-FA4C-463D-A983-DE4328B2C7A3Son’s leg guards sheared off a stud/bolt. He has backups (but not as comfortable) and a new set ordered, so looking for something to get him through the next few weeks.

Anyone ever patched one of these? Gonna hit Home Depot tomorrow, but was hoping someone had some experience and could point me in the right direction....


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  • F3887B72-FA4C-463D-A983-DE4328B2C7A3
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So for some reason, I haven’t seen any notifications on this thread. I thank everyone for the input that I never saw!

The knees are All-Star XLs (17.5), so that is why they have the extra shield and axis. They’re actually replacements for another set that tore under warranty. They are a year old and are on their last legs (pun not intended), and his replacements were still in production.

But for a fix, I came across a bag of snap screws that I ordered for his helmet a while back. Worked like a charm!

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