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It is my understanding that Kyle changed his mind...and decided to honor his commitment to Arkansas. I spoke to an associate scout yesterday and he indicated that there is a "trial" period -- for lack of a better word -- where a player or the team can back out of their agreement. I beleive it is as if it never happened when it comes to college eligibility and/or the prospect of future pro possibilities -- other than the fact that he must be at the D1 for 3 years (or until he turns 21) and the Rockies will no longer carry his rights.

In my opinion, many 18 yr olds aren't ready for rookie ball. Perhaps BIGHIT and others can share their perspectives on this matter.
David Clyde may have been ready for rookie ball -- but he definitely was NOT ready to be handed the ball on the big stage, even though it was an exciting situaion for Texans. Times have changed -- I watched the AFLAC games with a lot of anticipation...a fun situaion for the kids, I'm sure. But no one there will be ready to pitch against AROD and his buds in a year or two -- even the best of them (those that touch 99). JMO. Smile
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swingdoctor, you are correct if you use the out, you are only eligible for juco, not d1. Had a case in the 2004 draft where a 49th round pick from the Orlando area had a scholly to ucf and reported to the Pirates for 1 day and lost eligibility. Went to a juco.

The minors are very tough for an 18 year old. I believe that my son was uniquely qualified for a couple of reasons. We had moved around a lot. Three different hs in 4 years, 4 if you consider the whole Williams/Plano East thing, Smilein 2 different states. He was always used to having to prove himself every year and was never the "star" of the teams until his senior year. Some kids get annointed as freshman coming in because of their reps. Eric never had a rep, just the new kid. That left the adjustment to the minors very easy for my son. We just moved alot because of business and he was used to making new friends. He also played little league in Georgia, Penn, and florida. Same thing. Always the new guy who has to prove himself.

Since he was 4 years old he said that he wanted to be a mlb player one day and it was a foregone conclusion (in his mind, not mine) that he would go if given a "good" opportunity. He had the mindset for it and has adjusted well, according to him. Big Grin

Not all adjust well. It helped him a lot in his first year in Rookie League. Many struggled. He had a great year. Rookie league is not top notch quality and some very top prospects did not do well. Some really stepped up.

I think that playing in top programs for years and travelling the country playing great teams also prepares the players for tougher competition. Some very highly touted guys in the middle of nowhere have struggled the last 2 years (in the minors) because they went to showcases and didin't really experience a D-Bat , Tigers, or Mustang experience. They have to learn a lot more.
I've known the kid since i first started playing this game as have many players and coaches. I've had the chance to play with him and the kid isn't ready to give up the stick and be a one position player(pitcher only). He is to much of an athlete. The kid has been one of the best hitters since coach pitch and he has also been the one of the better position players on the field. He is an athlete and he wants to compete. He's one of the biggest competitors in the game for his age and I think he is ready to prove people wrong and step up as more than a pitcher. The kid has natural ability hitting and playing a position, imagine if he gave that much time to hitting and fielding. Ask the coaches who have played him and many will say he has beaten them with the bat more than he has on the bump.IMO
Time2StepUp -- interesting observations and I am not questioning their accuracy but....a) did Arkansas recruit him as a 2-way player, and b) does he project as an everyday pro or a pitcher?

You can't have the best of both worlds at that level...and generally it is a decision that is made at this point in a player's career. His becoming a pitcher-only (strange using that term for this kid) does not limit his ability to compete. I don't think that anyone doubts his ability to play 3rd base (he made the most amazing throw that I've ever seen from third base against Plano East last spring) -- but AK has a 3B at the moment (ummm, another Rowlett kid?) -- so, how does a redshirt sound? It seems unlikely to me. And...did the Rockies do their homework? A 3rd round pick is usually reserved for a "sure thing" -- as much as there is such a thing in baseball.

If he truly wants to become a two-way player until a final decision is made (by him or for him), I believe a D1 JUCO is his best bet. JMO.

Concerning AK, they recruited a CF/P from Grayson and intended to use him as a LHP only. The kid subsequently chose OU & Coach Tadlock.

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I just read the article. He is so kidding himself. It ain't gonna happen. He will not win any kind of appeal. He signed. With the NCAA there is no such thing as just a little pregnant. He states that he didn't like the environment. As I said in the previous post. It just hit him. Going from Dallas to nowheresville Wyo is culture shock and he obviously wasn't equipped to deal. At least he will have a shot at juco.
Panther Dad,

I agree with most everything you say but your comment about being a two way player at the JUCO level. With very few exceptions,if any, JUCO is the same as NCAA D1. If you're recruited as a pitcher you pitch and that's it. You may get some swings and a little time in the outfield in the Fall as a freshman but come Spring you're either a position player or a pitcher.
PantherProud, It really depends on the D1 Juco as to where Kyle will play pos or not. There are alot of kids that play both ways at the d1 juco level,( refering to NM,ODESSA,HOWARD,etc Western Conference ) If you have a bat like Kyles and others, a coach would be crazy to not play him, NOW he would prefer not to but when he looks around and the others are not getting it done, then he`s going to play and play alot. That said everyone needs to remember Kyle is still just 17 and really never been away from home except to baseball tourneys. Anyways good kid and good MOM.
I would think that a release to a high round drafted player would not be something the club would want to do. In granting him an outright release they would make the player a free agent to be bid upon by the other clubs and that could set a dangerous precedent. I have heard of 90 day releases but more in the ranks of never-gonna-be's as opposed to a third rounder. I'm afraid Hancock will not get a release and will never get the chance to play college baseball because the Rockies will likely keep his rights for three years. JMO
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PantherProud -- we saw numerous two-way players over the past two years at the D1 JUCO level. To say it is common would be an exaggeration, but I think each team has 2-3 players in that category. Having said that, a JUCO coach would be taking a large risk if he didn't chase top-level players for every defensive position. Has PantherProudSon had an opportunity to continue to do both?

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