Sorry folks, more tragic news. I pray his family and friends.
Brandon Villalobos
"There are two kinds of people in this game: those who are humble and those who are about to be." Clint Hurdle
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This is so sad. Too much. This is heart wrenching and heartbreaking.

May Brandon rest in peace. And may the family, teammates, and friends be comforted. Amen.
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It has been a sad week for baseball families. My thoughts are with this young man's family and friends... another hard, hard moment.
For some reason My regular screen name isn't working. I am Lclcoach. I have been here since the beginning of time. I think the late 90's when it was rivals.
Brandon Villalobos is my son. I used this site so many times and recommended it to all the up and coming high school families. During high school, when he was getting recruited and in college I used experiences by others and applied some of them in decisions.
As some know Brandon Died on Sat. April 11 in an off road accident. He was 23. He played for Long Beach State, Chaffey College , and San Diego State. He was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in 2006. He went through Tommy John surgery which had an impact on his college career. He never gave up. He work hard for 2 years and found his velocity and then his location. He told me I have it back Dad. I have it.
All of my business has move to San Diego so I really didn't have time to see him pitch since joining a local Los Angeles team. I finally got to watch him pitch 2 weeks ago and he did very good. Location was back ! He was signed to go play Independent Ball in the Frontier league with the Gateway Grizzlies. He was so excited and so happy. He was supoosed to leave next week.
Brandon also became a varsity pitching coach at Hoover High School in Glendale, CA. They knew he was leaving but just loved him. He had such a great time. The players and their perents loved him also.
One kid sent a message that read. "Coach you changed my life and showed me baseball is my life just like it was your". Others said some of the same ," You taught me how to carry myself as a baseball player". I am so glad he made an impact.
He was a wonderful kid and player. Anyone that knew would tell you the same. We would talk everyday regardless what city I was in. He was my son and truely my best friend.
I had been on this site forever, I just didn't talk much, but wanted to share a bit about him.

Brett Villalobos (Lclcoach)
Glendora, CA

Brandon Villalobos Nov 5 1985 -April 11 2009

Note: I wonder if a moderator could send me my Lclcoach password to It is not coming up but I was on a few weeks ago. Thanks
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I didn't realize Brandon was a son of HSBBW. That just adds to the sadness of this loss. Thanks for reminding those of us who didn't make the connection, Lclcoach. Prayers to you and your family.

Send an email to Julie since she may be working.

She can fix the password problem.

You have my sincere condolences, and my prayers, for you and all of Brandon's loved ones. He must have had many, many friends.
I didn't know your son, but I knew the name. I wish my feeble mind were better able to recall how and when I knew of Brandon. I hope to see some of his former teammates from SDSU tonight, and perhaps that will jog my memory.
I also know somehow that Brandon lived his life to the fullest. I am so sorry for your loss. I wish you strength, courage, and peace.

Thor Spangler
Such sad news. I am happy to hear father and son were best friends. Prayers to the Villalobos family.
God bless you all.
This has been such a terrible week with all of the sad news.
lclcoach, my prayers and condolences go to you and your family.
May god bless you and all those who are suffering from their recent losses.
Thoughts, prayers and God's grace to all the families and friends in this difficult time. May God's peace comfort you in your time of grief.

The Powe Family
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Thank you for sharing some stories about your son. He clearly had an impact on others that will in turn be passed on for many, many years to come.
Dear Lclcoach,
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your son. Thank you for sharing some thoughts about him. I can tell how much you love him and will miss him, as will many other people. I'm sure that his memory will be an inspriration to every life that he touched.

I pray that God will wrap His arms around you whenever whenever the pain becomes too great. Please, let us know if we can ever help with anything. You are not alone!

I am so terribly, terribly sorry to learn about Brandon's death. Thank you for sharing some of the details of his life. It sounds like he made a real impact on some young men's lives. Brandon was the same age as my older son and I can only imagine the pain and sorrow you are feeling.

Praying that God will comfort you and the rest of Brandon's family and friends. I have sent your sign-in info to the new email address you noted. Please let me know if I can do anything else for you.

I am so sorry. prayers for you and your family. So much loss of such great young people in this last week or so. Very sad and heartbreaking. Soinds like your son was a fine young man. God Bless

I am so sorry to hear the news. Thank you for posting here. You and your family are in my prayers.

Brett - I am very sorry to hear this news. This thread was initially started with just Brandon's name on it and I did not open it (not realizing the terrible news within it) since I did not know who he was. I feel terrible I did not at least peak at it and share my sympathies. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Out of respect for your loss, I am going to feature this thread at the top of the forum along with Nick's thread. Again, my deepest condolences Frown
Brett and family: I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like your son brightened a lot of people's lives... prayers going up right now for you and all of Brandon's friends and loved ones....
I cannot imagine what you are going through, so I can only say with insufficient words how sorry I am. Thank you for posting about your son. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones.
My thoughts and prayers go out to all of Brandon's family and friends. It is just impossible to understand how families can feel losing a child. My most sincere sympathy as well as appreciation to you Brett for taking the time in your sorrow to share about Brandon with us.
Rest in peace Brandon. Lclcoach, hopefully you will find peace in Brandons contributions in his short time here before going home.

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