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A look at some of the top hitters and pitchers so far this season in South Hampton Roads.

Note: not all teams participated in sending stats this week. This list includes only those that did, so some could be missing. Coaches are asked to email stats by 3 p.m. each Monday to

Bayside – Spenser McGhee .421 BA, 2 HRs, 10 RBIs; Jared Davis .400 BA, 4 HRs.

First Colonial – Justin Cook .432 BA, 11 RBIs; Joey Brown .406 BA; Bodie Sheehan 11 RBIs; 1.88 ERA; Matt Rosen 1.37 ERA.

Granby – Trey Hanchey .514 BA, 0.39 ERA, 30 KS; James Greer .421 BA; Matt Eagle .389 BA, 0.58 ERA, 30 Ks; Chase Anderson 0.39 ERA.

Grassfield – Dwight Riddick .432 BA, Mike Lasko .429 BA; Andrew Bullock .426 BA, 12 RBIs; Max Burcham .400, 18 RBIs; Brett Smith 0.81 ERA, 31 Ks; Garrett Stallings 1.17 ERA, 38 Ks.

Indian River – Andrew Kasiski .427 BA; Rob White 1.37 ERA.

Landstown – Dylan Myers .405 BA; Jacob Sinniger 0.84 ERA, 29 Ks.

Maury – Joe Jackson .500 BA, 5 HRs, 21 RBIs; Jeff Adams .455 BA; Paul Hall 1.99 ERA, 46 Ks.

Nansemond River – Kieton Rivers .559 BA, 11 RBIs; Trevor Riggs 3 HRs, 11 RBs; Matt Holt 0.12 ERA; Mike Parmentier 39 Ks.

Norcom - DeAndre Branch .600 BA (9-15), 3 HRs, 10 RBIs; Keldontre Lewis .500 (9-18), 1 HR; 8 RBIs.

Tallwood – David Montgomery .462 BA, 14 RBIs, 1.23 ERA, 27 Ks; Culver Lamb .433 BA, 13 RBIs, 0.58 ERA, 41 Ks.


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HS Stats don't mean much and it won't take long on this site to find that out.


For example, a single 3-4 in a 12 game sample distorts the numbers.  Assume about 40 AB's and in the other 36 has 12 hits for .333 BA.  Add in the 3-4 and you are at .400.  If it came against bad pitching even more so.


Hitting .300 in HS isn't that big of a deal.  Then there is this...who's keeping the book?  Change a few errors into hits and you get crazy stuff.      

Originally Posted by baseba11dad:
Stay classy showcaseNOVA.
Just thought it ironic that you seem to slam showcase teams and your screen name is "showcaseNOVA".

Where am I slamming showcase teams? 

My screen name has nothing to do with any showcase or travel programs. I just want you 757 know it alls that there is high school baseball in the northern part of the state. 

Originally Posted by showcaseNOVA:
Originally Posted by redbird5:


 Isn't this what high school coaches are supposed to do or should be doing? Or do we just want the showcase guys doing it? long as the stats are valid.  However, I have seen a few kids on the above list and I hope they have a couple 5 for 4 days to make up for the ABs I've seen.

-          Stats are stats are stats…..HS coaches “fudge” them but showcase programs fudge them just as well. I’ve seen respectable showcase programs advertise a kid as a 6.5 runner then the same kid is consistently 4.4+ home to first, another kid will be advertised as 90-92 on the FB but reality is 86-88 occasionally eclipsing the 90 mark. Bottom line generally the stats get “fluffed” because the kid is stud/projectable/legit/pick and adjective. As for HS specific, I’ve seen stats go both ways…kids who hit .400 in HS but can’t eclipse .200 in showcase I’ve also seen kids who hit well over .300 in showcase who hit below .300 in HS. I think you have to put it context and DON’T be so quick to jump on the o’l interweb and immediately discredit stats….are we that short sighted?  



Note: not all teams participated in sending stats this week. This list includes only those that did, so some teams are missing. Coaches are asked to email stats by 3 p.m. each Monday to Stats do not include this week’s games.



Cox – Carter Heron .450 BA; Chad Lenz 1.12 ERA.


First Colonial – Justin Cook .463 BA, 13 RBIs; Joey Brown .429, 12 RBIs; Bodie Sheehan 13 RBIs, 1.79 ERA, 38 Ks; Matt Rosen 1.33 ERA, 27 Ks.


Granby – Trey Hanchey .450 BA; Matt Eagle 18 RBIs, 4 HRs; Chase Anderson 0.67 ERA; Spencer Matthews 0.93 ERA.


Grassfield – Travis Schweizer .462 BA; Andrew Bullock .415 BA, 13 RBIs; Dwight Riddick .400 BA; Max Burcham 19 RBIs; Garrett Stallings 1.36 ERA, 43 Ks; Brett Smith 2.23 ERA, 41 Ks.


Great Bridge – Dane Smith .442 BA, 18 RBIs; Colby Higgerson .415 BA, Logan Harrelson .405 BA, 18 RBIs, 2.48 ERA, 24 Ks; Michael Bienlien 2.23 ERA, 18 Ks.


Indian River – Rob White 1.82 ERA, .396 BA; Andrew Kasiski .396 BA.


Kempsville – Shane Shearer .357 BA, 9 RBIs; Ian Pezzella 1.60 ERA, 44 Ks.

Maury – Joe Jackson .478 BA, 5 HRs, 22 RBIs; Jeff Adams .471 BA, 10 RBIs, 3.08 ERA, 39 Ks; Barrett Peacock .410 BA, 13 RBIs; Paul Hall 1.83 ERA, 52 Ks.


Norcom – Kelvontre Lewis .542 BA; Deondre Branch .476 BA.

Oscar Smith – Mitchell Grawley .325 BA, 12 RBIs; Tad Ennis 2.41 ERA, 33 Ks.


Tallwood – David Montgomery .469 BA, 14 RBIs, 1.45 ERA, 32 Ks; Culber Lamb .395 BA, 14 RBIs, 0.45 ERA, 50 Ks.


Wilson – Brendan Close .474 BA, 1.40 ERA.



Atlantic Shores – Mitchell Morrell .417 BA, 3 HRs; Jon Sawyers 0.75 ERA; Jacob Flora 0.72 ERA; Kyle Valentine 2.80 ERA, 50 Ks.


Nansemond-Suffolk – Jake Grady .472 BA; Greg Beale 49Ks; Hunter Foster 1.68 ERA.


Norfolk Academy – Jack Markey .550 BA; Matt Cooper 7 HRs, 37 RBIs; Isaiah Nelson 1.76 ERA, 46 Ks.



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