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I am sure someone can quote chapter and verse of the NCAA regulations, but as far as I know, the only exception ... where a player might not lose the year of eligibility ... would be if he incurred a season ending injury, and then there are still restrictions on that as to number of appearances/games played as a percentage of total games for the season.

Basically, as far as I know, if a player pinch runs one time for another player during the season, he is considered to have used a year of eligibility. It's tough but then it IS the NCAA ... !!!
My understanding is that a player has a certain # games (?) or maybe innings (?) until a redshirt decision. Don't quote me on that. Also if one is needed, don't forget about a release. Penalties in D1 for just leaving.

The best scenerio, IMO, is to receive a redshirt before a move is made.

Best thing I can suggest, is to call the NCAA, get it straight from the source.
If you are talking about the DI level, then I believe FBM is correct. Unless an injury is the cause of the inability to play, a player cannot be redshirted if he appears in a regular season game. In the scenario you describe, you would lose that year of eligibility for having appeared and competed, even in fewer than 10 games.
I think TPM is referring to medical redshirts. The number of innings is only injury related.
If you are leaving a DIII team, they no longer allow redshirts and would lose the year of eligibility.

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