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I have read what I can find from previous posts on LC State but would like some input from those that know more about the program and school.

My son is at a pretty good Calif JC that has gotten attention from LC State about playing there next year. What is the difference in level of play? What is LC State on par with; lower D1, Upper D2, Upper D3? Has gotten attention from other schools but we don't know much about NAIA. Any good or bad about the campus or surrounding area? Where do we want to fly into to go there? Any information would be appreciated!
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My son played at LCSC last year. The warriors beat Gonzaga, at the time in the top 25 and the Univ. of Washington. LCSC, as well as several NAIA top reated programs could have a winning season playing a D1 schedule. The big difference between the D1's and LCSC is pitching depth. The competition in the Northwest may not be as strong as say the Southern Calif NAIA schools, but there are several competitive programs. I think if you ask my son his regret is that he did not go to LCSC out of JC. If you have any specific questions PM me.
That was bbscout.
Doug was the Giant's scout, and a Nationals Scout during his last years in baseball, who frequented and added soooooo much to this board.
Doug commented more than a few times about the quality of play and players at Lewis Clark. It was one of the teams he made it a point to see early in every college season.
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