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Otherwise titled "has beens"

This is a pet peeve of mine - so I apologize ahead of time.

Every one tops out at some point in their "career". Whether it's Little Johnny who tops out in LL, the all-star high school player who never gets into a good college, the college guy who isn't drafted, or the minor league player who never made it to the Bigs.

HOWEVER - What they were THEY WERE.

Why is it that folks always negate that period? Little Johnny never even got on the high school team, therefore he wasn't that good. My kid got into a D1 college and all-Star Johnny never played at college.

What were they thinking? How could they ever have though that kid was better than mine?

Well guess what - HE WAS.

That does NOT mean he still IS.

Your son obviously made that much needed leap to get to the next level, and Little Johnny didn't. That does not mean your son WAS BETTER ALL ALONG.

IT DOES NOT mean the coach was an idiot and should never have played those kids ahead of yours.

What it means is you had an "ugly duckling" on your hands. We all remember that story. The fact that he turned out to be a beautiful swan DOES NOT change the fact he was an ugly duckling.


So what if he was better at 12, or in HS and now you're playing in the pros? After all, the sole reason he may be paying for a season ticket to YOUR game is because he had theose glory days.

No need to negate them. No need to go back and try to rewrite what happend yesterday.

Your son will have his own glory days.
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Does anyone know where I can get a deal on a beautiful swan suit?...double XL and easy on the plummage...allergies you know.

How does that eBay thing it anything like ring toss?...I used to kill at ring toss ...I was the talk of the town...the c0ck o' the walk...until Little Johnny showed up...on second thought...make that a triple XL ... tater
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