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A question that someone may want to answer in private -- if you contribute, please be sensitive in your comments.

The Dallas Knights website indicates that Tim Matthews has committed to UT-Tyler, an up & coming DIII in the Eastern Division of the American Southwest Conference. Before someone is offended by my question, my oldest son played in the ASC for 4 years and it is a nice level of college baseball -- he/we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

But, my impression from stats, press, observations, etc. is that this kid has the talent to play at a higher level.

What's up with this signing?

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My son has been fortunate to play his first 2 Varsity years with Tim...
Yes, he has a lot of talent!! He could have gone many places...

Tim's goals are to teach/coach...He really likes this coach/program... He is being courted by an MLB team, may be drafted today...May change his mind...

It's his choice...
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Tim definately could pitch D1. But he likes coach Vilade. They are getting a million dollar plus facility. They win. He was awarded a large scholarship from the chamber of commerce or something like that. It's close to home. He's only 17. There are so many factors to consider beyond "level". Plus he can pitch right away. Drew Johnson from Wylie last season was a great talent just like Tim, signed D1 at Texas and tossed 1 inning this year. Main thing is Tim is very content with his decision. A valid question though.
I know D3 commitments are not binding -- so......the summer is young.

As many of you know, there have been significant rule changes that affect the manner in which the D3 schools can run their programs, including no redshirts, a very limited fall schedule (something like 10 practice dates), etc. It seems to me that the NCAA would rather wash their hands of D3. And many of the "big-name" D1's are strengthening their relationships with the JUCOS -- see Texas Tech's roster. <not that D3's have ever been considered a part of HS --> D1/pro baseball progression>

Josh Lee (McMurray's stud for the past 4 years) MUST be better than some of the last hour's draft picks. As I said earlier, this level of baseball was perfect for my son -- and it is, without question, good baseball. But I wonder how UT-Tyler compares to TJC.

Again, my original question was not to discredit UT-T or this athlete's decision. I was just curious.

Thanks to all that provided feedback.
To be honest, I really didn't want this discussion to turn into "he's doing this..." or "he's doing that..." -- that's why I asked for a degree of sensitivity.

Playerfromhell -- now that your information has been posted....can you please remove it?

From my perspective this is a fine baseball player and a fine young man. I was just somewhat surprised that his name was associated with a D3 (that's all). I wish him much success.

-PD Smile

You must be reading my mind...I second the recommendation...

Like I said before, my son was Tim's teammate for the last 2 years... We know him well... At Senior Walk (scholarship awards ceremony) he received some very nice $$$'s including community service, athletics, academics, etc....His goals are to eventually coach... He's great with kids...

Playerfromh... must be a charter member of the "I heard Club"...

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