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Lynnhaven Baseball will be looking for 18U players after the High School Season is over. However, we would like to get commitments early so we can set up a competitive schedule.

We are looking for mostly players that have committed to college already or will not be showcasing over the summer. We usually have one or two unclassman players and we work with them, but we have to have a team that will be together all summer to ensure we stay competitive.

Last years team was comprised of 5 college players, 9 college signees, 4 underclassman which two have now signed and two others will probably sign soon. We lost in the Championship Game in Greensboro, but lost 3 of 4 starting pitchers prior to leaving and still advanced to the Championship Game.

We have a combined record of 97-8 over the past 3 years with an appearance in the World Series in Puerto Rico. We try to play all the best teams in the area and in North Carolina and Maryland...and then teams in tournaments. We will play in one showcase tournament this year and two others along with a schedule of 20-30 games between 15 June and 15 August.

We have had 4 players invited to the USA Tournament of Stars and 1 selected for the Junior National Team. But those players had to commit early because the Tournament of Stars Tournament is in June - those players have to be just turning 18 or 17U players.

We are a non-profit team and do not have sponsors. We would love them, because it all goes to the kids. The kids usually spend less than $300 dollars for the whole season and the only monies upfront is the restrigation. The rest of the money is paid by the players for hotels/food at tournaments outside the area. Any travel after 25 July is paid for by our organization

We are looking for players from the Peninsula to Suffolk because of the cost a player would incur traveling back in forth, but we can make it work for the player. (Like out of Richmond or so)

If interested, email me at or

There is alot of great players out there that have already signed.......lets put a team together, have fun and go win the World Series in San Jose. You have to play against the best teams in the world when you get there......from Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Mexico, Dominican, and 3 regions of the United States.
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Okay, so here is my starting wish list for the upcoming Palomino season..........along with 3 returning 19's.....(Bob, I'm hoping one is Sean - I can dream can't I). This year Lynnhaven will be hosting the Region Tournament in Virginia Beach (23-25 July) with follow-on tournaments in Pittsburgh, PA (3-6 August) and San Jose, CA (8-13 August), so most PG Events will be completed. I would love to get a few guys from the Peninsula as well.

Brett Harris
Gary Ward
Chad O’Connor
Robbie Newman
Ben Tomchick
Zaine Jack
Chris Warren
Garrett Anderson
James Taylor
Patrick Hall
Hunter Parrish
Cameron Butler
Kyle Lawhorn
Ross Cardwell
Marcus Breeden
Jimmy Grassano
Philip Clark
John Deschamps
Drew Wilkerson
Justin Smith
Blake Boyce
Shawn Gayhart
Taylor Reeves
Phil McCarthy

I will be adding to this list as the season progresses and I watch more baseball games this year.
Here is another couple of guys that I would like to see come play at Lynnhaven this summer:

Patrick Callahan
George Schaefer
Carter Rivera
John Garrett
Patrick Harrington

I know there are a bunch of other outstanding players out there. Hopefully, I will get around to all the high schools. If anyone else would like to contribute to this list on outstanding talent I would go look at please do, or PM me.
I will add this week

Frankie Lewis
Robert Stone
Dylan Hudson
CJ Buie

We have had alot of interest this year......and that is super.....keep it coming. I'm hoping this year will be as special as 2005 when we went to the World Series. Great experience for the kids and lots of fun for the parents.

Please pass on to anyone you know....this is the best baseball at the minimum cost for the summer. Our program does not take up most of your summer prior to going to will have plenty of time for the beach!
just curious to know how you are able to get players from all over tidewater for your team. wouldnt lynnhaven boys baseball want kids that would fall in their neighborhood? like the fc, cox, pa type kids that lynnhaven would normally serve? i know that american legion posts derive their teams from about 2 or 3 hs teams and i would think that palomino would do the same. like i said i am a bit curious
For the past 15 years, that has been the case for Palomino Baseball, however, last year the rules changed allowing us to draw from the state of Virginia. The Tidewater Area is the only area in Virginia that plays Pony Baseball.

During that 15 years, we were allowed to add 3 players from other teams that were previously elimated from local tournament play. However, there was a change over in Palomino Baseball at the top.....they approved an age change to allow 19's to play and California Teams were able to pull from half their state, and Puerto Rico could pull from their whole country, and us in Tidewater were left to pull from an area of 5 or 6 High Schools - now, add in that Lynnhaven Pony Baseball (Rec Team) had to compete for players from 6 Schools......FC, PA, Cox, Kellam, OL, Cape Henry.......add in we share the same area with Great Neck Pony, Virginia Beach Little League, AP Little League, part of Plaza Little League, half of PA is in Little Creek American Pony......Now, throw in Cox HS puts a Palomino Team in our League, Kellam puts a Team in our League, Ocean Lakes Team usually plays Big League out of VBLL, then add in PA's Showcase Aces Team, Lee Banks' Orioles Scout Team....and most rising Juniors or Seniors, if they have talent, are going to every showcase they can, or to a PG Event.

Now, to answer your question, I would love to have just the kids in our area, but where are they coming from.......Lynnhaven went to the World Series in 2005 in Puerto Rico with a special group of kids (15 played Lynnhaven from age 5), that everyone on that team is played/playing college/pro baseball.

But baseball has changed........if you want to compete outside of this area, you have to try to get the best players you can, were you can....and that is what I try to do. Even last year, with the rule change, we only had one of 18 that didn't play in our area.....
Lynnhaven Palomino Baseball will have open sign-ups at Trant Field next to Kings Grant Elementary School on Sunday, 1 June from 3-5pm. All players between 17-19 or birthdate after 1 May 1988 are eligible. We have no restrictions on player residency.

Cost: Approx $125 to $150 for the season. This price includes a game jersey, t-shirt, hat and a minimum of 15 games depending on weather. One game cost us $110 for umpires.

We will play in two tournaments; play against showcase teams; games against local legion teams; and our regular league games (right now we have about 12 teams in the league). Our season will kick off around 18 June after graduating Seniors return from having fun at locations to be determined!

The Local Palomino League is the best summer baseball league in the Area with teams from Hickory, Great Bridge, Western Branch, Kempsville, Southern Chesapeake, Grassfield, Deep Creek, Nansmond River, Lakeland, Southampton, and Lynnhaven scheduled to play.....with a possibility of a few others.

For more information, contact me here; my email address: or

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