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I am getting my first experience with a medical redshirt this year as my son, Ryan Mottern, sophomore RHP for the Oklahoma Sooners is going to get a medical redshirt because of recurring arm problems this spring. He has pitched less than 4 innings total and is having surgery on April 20. All I know is that the coaches, doctors, and head trainer have said that getting the medical redshirt for him will not be a problem as they have all the necessary documentation, etc. They have gotten medical redshirts for players that we know in the past so I trust their judgment although I don't know any of the rules regarding medical redshirting. I would be interested to see any guidelines that may exist concerning the granting of medical redshirts. If anyone knows, please post here. Thanks!

NJCAA and NCAA Div 1 & 2 rules are the same. You can find the rules on the websites of either NJCAA or NCAA. Section 8 of the NJCAA rules of elligibility provides the requirements for "Hardship Waiver" aka Medical Redshirt.

The injury must have occured in the first half of the regular season schedule. It doesn't matter if the injury or illness happened during an athletic event. Also, the player must not have played in more than, 20& of the team's regular season schedule.

If the college has say a 56 game regular season schedule, then 20% equals 11.2 games. The rule then has a footnote that for purposes of calculating 20%, if the result is a fractional number (like 11.2) you would round up to the next whole number, or 12 games. Student Athlete must not have participated in more than 12 games. Obviously, the number of games allowed depends upon the number of games appearing on a teams regular season schedule.

Appearance in any portion of a game counts as a full game. Example: Athlete enters the game as a pinch hitter, pinch runner, closing pitcher, etc. counts as one (1) game.

Requires the AD to complete NJCAA Hardship Form #1 (or equiv. NCAA Form), a letter from the attending physician on the doctor's letterhead, copy of the team's schedule, copy of the students official transcript, etc. A letter from the team's trainer may be included, but will not substitute for a letter from the doctor. Copies are sent to the NJCAA or NCAA headquarters and a copy to the regional director.

If student athlete is within the maximum ranges outlined in the rules, the Medical Redshirt is granted.

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