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Both my kids (daughter was a soccer player) were prescribed meloxicam.  Both said it didn't seem to help--although I'm not sure they gave it the full 14 days.

(You probably already know that) meloxicam is an NSAID, like ibuprofen and naproxen.  My kids preferred taking ibuprofen.  You might ask your doctor if your son can take a higher-than-OTC dose of ibuprofen for a few weeks.  The prescription version of ibuprofen amounts to 4 OTC pills per dose, if I recall correctly.  I had shoulder surgery not long ago, and that was what my surgeon recommended for pain.

My daughter's orthopedist also recommended arnica cream as a topical.  She didn't seem to think it helped much, but she did use it.  It's nonprescription.

I recommend finding someone who stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night for medication information. Being more serious I wouldn’t evaluate how a medication works for one player versus my own. It’s two different bodies. The only course of action is a conversation with the doctor about whether it’s working or not.

I can't recall what injury your son had, or if you believe in natural, herbal medicines, but I am a big believer in natural and herbal stuff.  With that being said, look into any salves/balms made with Comfrey.  There have been several medical studies (by legit sources) that show the benefits of Comfrey for ligaments/tendons/fractures.  It's nickname is "Knitbone" for it's abilities to assist with healing.  On February 8th my son sustained a Grade II high ankle sprain (inner and out ligaments) at basketball practice and was put in a big ol' boot for 4 weeks.  I've been using my Comfrey Salve, along with a blend of different essential oils, 2X a day for the past 3 weeks and he is almost 100%.  Completely pain free and has great ROM and flexion.  No swelling past day 2 of the initial injury.  He can walk without the boot (but we make him still wear it) and has been able to hit at practice and throw.  So, the point of this is, it has worked for him and many others.  Hoping for a speedy recovery!

Thanks all. We're on Day 8 now for the Rx. And, this is a MLB associated Ortho who recommended it.

It's also almost 6 weeks since he's sorta shut things down. That's why we're thinking things should be getting better now.

He has a dynamic ultrasound tomorrow. So, hopefully that shows more than the MRI on what is happening.

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