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Several Metro kids made one or the other of Perfect Game's Preseason All American lists.  


Only Roosevelt's Jack Johnson makes the national Senior All-American list (high honorable mention). I heard he just tore his ACL so his HS baseball season is over.


Andy Atwood (O'Dea), Alex Livengood (Ballard), Antonio Hendricksen (BB), and Rex Stephan (O'Dea) were West Region honorable mentions.


Underclass All-Americans included Morgan McCullough (West Seattle, 3rd Team All American) and Jacob Hirsh (O'Dea, honorable mention All-American).


Other leagues and areas of the state that are well-represented include Southwest Washington where several Camas kids are sprinkled on the list. Also interesting, Rijo Athletics (Woodinville) has a couple or three 2017's that made the Underclass honorable mentions, all of whom appear verballed to Oregon State.


I don't follow many of those other conferences so don't get mad at me for not mentioning someone! 

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There were MANY more Washington kids than this on the PG All American lists.  Basically, if you are a nationally-ranked player (down through High Follow, which will garner an Honorable Mention), you are on an All American list.  For the Class of 2015, through the ranked kids and High Follows, that is 57 kids.  I believe the Underclass list is only Juniors; in Washington, that's another 35 kids.


I follow high-end players pretty closely, and don't always agree with the PG rankings (top 500 are usually always the right kids, if not always in the same order I would rank them; below that, the Top 1000 versus High Follow can be fairly interchangeable, and there are some kids who are High Follows that wouldn't be for me, and some Follows that I would put over a few High Follows), but I recognize how difficult and subjective putting these lists together can be, particularly from a national perspective.  IMO, with all due deference to Baseball Northwest (who as others have noted here, is getting later and later with their lists each year), Perfect Game does the best job of anybody who is attempting this.  BBNW's lists are a little less comprehensive, and I would have the same quibble (usually most of the right kids, not always in the right order, but mostly), and they're coming out now so late as to be mostly irrelevant by the time they are out.


I don't mean that to sound as disrespectful as maybe it does.  Whether you make a PG list, or a BBNW list, that is quite an honor and accomplishment, and certainly should help build a resumé.  I would encourage players who want to make one of these lists to seek out opportunities with BBNW, and with Perfect Game. IMO, the best opportunities with Perfect Game come when you go with the most talented team, and in the NW that has been BY FAR Mike Brooks' Team Northwest.  Virtually ALL of the kids on the PG All American lists are there because they played for Team Northwest in PG events that Team NW did very well in.  If you want to get noticed, and you have the ability to compete with players at the highest level for the necessary playing time, play for a team like Team NW that will be playing deep into the Championship Round.  Going with your local club is almost never going to cut it.  The best part is (unlike BBNW, who has only recently decided to start taking teams to PG events, or local club teams), Team NW is making every effort to make at least the 18u teams cost as little as possible (sometimes just the cost of the plane ticket) to attend.  Elite players should ABSOLUTELY be seeking out opportunities with Team NW, and should JUMP at the chance to participate if given the opportunity.

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Oh yes there are! The lists are gigantic. I was told shortly after my son made the 2016 top-1000 that there's actually like 1500 kids on that list because they do not like removing kids once they've made good appearances at PG, even if those appearances are more than a couple years old.  At any rate, scrolling through those lists to pick the Washington (and mainly Seattle-area kids) is painstaking! That's why I stuck to mentioning only the Metro kids I know when posting.


BTW,I could not agree with you more about Team Northwest.  I adore Mike Brooks and he has been great to my boy. He even allowed him to play in the 2014 PG MLK 18U Championship last year even though he was down with the 16U as a 15U player. Your guy pitched in that game didn't he, EdgarFan?

Yes!  He was the second (and winning) pitcher in the Championship Game that year, following up Drew Rasmussen (Oregon State starter as a freshman, recently threw the 1st  perfect game in PAC-12 play in something like 40 years).  He's been lucky to have played on most of the Team NW teams that have had the most success.  He's picked up some velocity this spring, but he plays more 3B for his HS team.  Still pitches, but mostly in a closing role with the occasional start.


I've heard great things about your boy, tres_arboles!  Best of luck to him this season.  We'll see you guys next Monday, and I'm sure it will be a terrific game.  I'll be scorekeeping, so please say "hi."

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