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My son's a hs freshman, so I don't know specifics about his team, but I think they tend to do well. I do know Mike; through a friend-of-a-friend, my son took baseball lessons from him when he was in 5th-6th grade. He'd drive down from Pennsylvania; the lesson was supposed to last an hour and he'd stay 3. You'd have to force him to take your money. He knows everything about baseball and is just an incredible teacher and person. I hope my son has the chance to play for him someday.

Hey Hit It Here, Let me tell you about Mike Chroniger. He is the most fair and sincere coach I have ever seen in my life. My son played for him for two summers and a fall season. Because of Mike, my son received a scholarship to play ball at Notre Dame in before school started his senior year. he is a freshman there now. L. Cooper #36. (on ND web site) Mike put my son in front of no less than 400 college and pro scouts in the first summer alone. probably 1200 overall. He only takes his team where they can be seen by college coaches. His teams do not play for trophies, they play for scholarships. Over the past 2 years, I am 100% certain that everyone of his players has received D1 scholarships. He carries about 25 kids on the roster. Every single kid plays at least 4 innings. His system is great. If your son is a blue chipper and will be drafted out of HS then you do not need to play for him. If not, Mike will totally benfit your son. He does practice by the way, and we played the best teams on the East Coast from Florida to NY. The experience was awesome and his advice on the strengths and weaknesses of my son enabled us to get better. If mike asked your son to play for him, your son has talent. Mike is on a first name basis with coaches across the country. yes there are other showcase teams out there, but my money is on Mike Chroniger. have a great day.
If your son has the chance to play for Mike I wouldn't hesitate in the least. He is an awesome person, an incredible guy and just a great coach. He will work with your son and give an honest assessment of his talent. My son played on a team that joined up with Mike's at some tounaments. He treated my son as one of his own players. My nephew played on Mike's team. He was later drafted out of high school. Mike's connections, knowledge and help are one of a kind. He treats each player the same no matter the talent level and to tell you the truth your son isn't on his team unless he can play. He will invest himself in your son and he truly wants to help him find a place to play after high school. Do not hesitate to take a place on his team.
2 of Mikes players played @ the school I work for, Mike would drive to the school during the fall and throw bp for one and the other pitch bullpens. My 8th grade son would shag and get to throw bullpens w/mike and his players after a couple of sesssions Mike offered to take my son to Cary NC for a showcase. My son was not disappointed and niether was I, a good coach, takes care of the kids. It's still early for my son but from some of the calls I've had from other showcase coaches Mikes at the top of my list.
Thanks Mike!!
Gonna brag litle. My guy pitched against the Red Sox's on friday. A 1 hit shut out. Too bad I was at work that day....

Congrats to all the northeast teams at GA. It was a great showing. We were kidding about how they say NE kids have trouble in the south with the heat etc. Our response was they don't know real baseball till they played on a 40 degree day with a light mist and the wind blowing.
Son's first JV game this year, it was 37 degrees out, and it lasted 4 hours, went into extra innings!! Love the Pa spring baseball! Just like you said LHPMom2012, cold in March, stinkin hot and humid in July. But we love it, makes 'em tough and ready to play in any weather.

BTW, would like to see the Mid Atlantic Rookies play at some point. Have hopes for our son to play on that team. I have heard such good things about the team and the coach, as many of said here.

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