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Preparing invites for the Midwest All-American Showcase sponsored by 7-UP in Lynwood, Illinois on August 20 & 21. August 20th is for 2007 graduates and August 21st is for 2006 graduates. This event is completely free for 2006 grads and a small fee for 2007, as they will be free the following year. Only 80 players will be invited. Showcase will be: run 60, throw, hit and two 9 inning games. We do not want to miss anybody. Please pm me or email me at if there is a player we should consider. Looking for Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Ohio players but will consider any other midwest states. Must be upper echelon caliber and submitted by coach or scout. This event will be scouted by MLB teams and all college levels as it is during contact/evaluation period.
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For the money, it was a great event.

1. it was FREE (except for gas, wood bat, admission .... and concessions if you wanted them)
2. the players had a radar gun on their throws across the diamond
3. (possibly a negative for some players) everyone's times and velocity were posted

The organizers did a good job putting it together, but most of the scouts looked like MLB scouts.
The event seemed to be well organized -- they probably would have like a few more top level players and more scouts -- but overall a good experience for the kids. Saw some good young arms -- Tony Zych, Kevin Johnson, Kapteyn (all '08s and in the mid-80's), Jordan Coffey and Tucker Barnhart (Indiana) -- both '09s and in the low 80's.

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