So I have a couple of kids in my program that have expressed interest in playing at the college level. So what would be some of the individual player showcases that I could point them towards in the Midwest. We aren't talking D1 level players.
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Look at Perfect game and PBR showcases. PG has one in GA August 23-24, PBR has one August 17 for 2015 in Columbia MO - it is an invite. I have no doubts that both with have something more in fall.


Although you think your players are not D1, both of these organizations get lots of coverage from every level of college. PG is the gold standard, PBR is fast rising and from an Ohio point of view, does it right 

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How does a kid from the south east get an invite to those mentioned showcases?

In most cases, the "invite" part of showcases is misleading.  The invite can normally go both can be invited....or you can invite  Nothing against showcases, as my son got some nice exposure from them, but they are in most cases a "come as you are" type of thing.  If there's one that you're interested in attending...let them know.  I'm willing to bet you'll get in.

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