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Living here in Northern Iowa there are not too many quality D1 and D2 schools. My son visited a camp at the University of Missouri and really enjoyed the entire place. Does anyone have any experiences at Missouri,Missouri State, or Central Missouri? Yes we know it takes alot to play at those schools, but my son may get to that level if he keeps working and developing the way he has. He is currently a Soph. 6'1 200 LHP. This will be his 3rd year on our Varsity team. Clocked at winter 76 fb with a 65 change. Just would like to here some experiences just in case. First time on this board. Thanks
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All 3 are good programs!

Here's how they would rank IMO:

Best team-Mizzou

Toughest Schedule-Mizzou

Best Head Coach-Mo State

Best Campus-Mizzou

Best School-Mizzou

Best Field-Mo State (AA Cardinals stadium)

Best Practice Facilities-Mizzou

Best chance to play-CMSU (outstanding DII program, though)

Best Baseball tradition-hard to say? Mizzou has had 3 1st rounders in the past 4 years.(Scherzer,Conway, Gibson) Won a National Championship in 1954.

Mo State has had an NL MVP(Ryan Howard),an AL Batting Champ (Bill Mueller) and a 1st rounder in 2007 (Detwiler)

I graduated from Mizzou, as did my Dad and my oldest Son. But, I grew up in Springfield.

If I had to choose where I would send my Son to play baseball, it would definitely be Missouri State for a number of reasons.

PM me if you want more detail?

Sounds like your boy has good size, but honestly, his numbers are going to have to jump big-time to get interest from any of these places.

My younger Son is currently a D1 OF, but when he was a Soph, he was 6' and 165. (He's now 6' 2" 195 as a College Freshman)
He threw 84 and got 8's and 9's on the Mizzou evaluation. Was 82-84 at Mo State camp, but no interest from either school as a pitcher.
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