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Just 2 boys from Illinois in the BA top 200. The next closest would be Josh Lindblom from West Lafayette, Ind. He is the 54th overall pick and about the 25th pitcher.

Just spotted one more local boy. Brian Bogusevic, lefty pitcher attending Tulane and from Oak Lawn is listed 19th overall and the 9th best pitcher, just after Wade Townsend.
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Went to their website:

1) He's a catcher...that is a plus;
2) All Big;
3) Going to be 23 in the fall...negative;
4) Someone will have to buy him out of a year at Northwestern (would have to be around $40,000.00)...negative;

Didn't find his name in Baseball America's Top 200....Which likely means lower rounds...

Pick 'em.

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