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The predraft workouts are an exciting time. For most, its the first time you get to see your player hitting in a big league park. It's fun to see players from around the country work out, some with "national" reputations. At every workout my son attended, he knew a number of players, whether the workout was on the east coast or the west coast. It's amazing how small a world the baseball community is.
I would say most players got drafted by somebody, but of course not all get signed.(High school players)
Some players get notified early that teams would like to have them work out, others are lucky to get notified a week in advance. Usually their area scout will notify them. Some teams will actually pay for a player's expenses, some will pay expenses only if they draft & sign your player and others won't pay for any expenses.
Workouts are are held within a short period of time, causing scheduling problems because it's not unusual to have 2 or more clubs have workouts on the same day. The number of players that attended varied with as few as 10 to 30. My son and I had a great time during these workouts. It was a "senior trip" he will never forget. Good luck to all.
KO Promo,

I guess everyone's situation is different as my son was out of a JuCo, but he attended 3 pre-draft workouts in 2004. All of the invites came from the area scouts, but the GM's, Scouting Director and National cross-checkers for the respective clubs were in attendance at all three. There were not more than 30 players at 2 of the workouts and one of the workouts there were about 20 players.

He was fortunate enough to be drafted by a club that has some great people and he is very happy and looking forward to taking his shot.


Susan B,


It depends on what type of Pre Draft Workout. If the club has there highest level scouts in attendance there is a very good possibility.  If the workout is held at the clubs home stadium, it's even a higher possibility.  Typically the smaller the number of players the more likely to be drafted in a good position.  Also, if you follow who the top draft prospects are closely and you see some of them at the workout, you are in a select group and should get drafted, maybe even in a very good spot.  In order to be drafted you first have to be on the board (listed). Without that you will not be drafted. So small group, at a MLB stadium, with high level officials and several highly ranked prospects... you can be fairly certain you are on the list and will get selected in the draft.  None of this means you won't be drafted if the workout lacks any of the above other than having a draft number (being on the list)

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