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As the son of a 15U player I am curious about the MMWS Qualifier. This tourney has seemed to have lost it's popularity in our area. Just 4 weeks ago the word was that the tourney was canceled. Now I see that they are playing it. Is it lack of communication? Our team would have liked to have played, however, we heard that it was not going to make.
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And when you think of it, the MMWS Qualifier should have been the most attractive pre-state tournament. A combination of $$$entry fee$$$ and politics killed this year's event. Winner there would have gone straight to McKinney in August. I hope this year's series of events does not impact a World Series qualifier in this area next year. It's really the best chance for a long-shot team to make it to the big dance.
Originally posted by DP2005:
2nd Round

Dodgers vs Tigers

Tigers win 5-2 in 13 innings

Green pitched the first 6 with Bevins in after for tigers

Great game by both teams pitchers. Jason Simoneck pitched the first 7 innings for the Dodgers with James Parsons coming in for relief. Parsons pitched the last 5 innings and took the loss but pitched a great game. Green and Beavans did a great job of course as the results show. Not a good game for the hitters.

Now, the only problem for both teams is that they both burned two pitchers - although at least the Tigers burned two pitchers to get a WIN.

The Dodgers went on to beat the Mustangs 3-2 after their game with the Tigers. The Dodgers were definitely dragging - physically and mentally - after that game with the Tigers but they were able to escape with the win.

Again, congratulations to both teams.
Originally posted by texdad10:
DBat 5 Patriots Blue 2

Looking ahead, what happens next week? Winner of this tourney goes to regional, but what about the rest. Who is in state and when does it start? Wed?

State Tournaments start wednesday with 3 16U @ BBI, Lone Star & Dave Acton and 1 15U. Rest of teams (depending on how they finished in league play) competing in this tournament will then compete in several State Tournaments across North Texas; the winner of each State Tournament then goes to the Regional in Houston in two weeks. Winner of Regional goes to MMWS the following week. Winner of 15U goes to World Series for 15s, there is no 15U Regional Tournament.
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Tigers beat Patriots Blue today 7-6 to advance to the Championship round tomorrow. Patriots Blue "blew" this game with some strange baserunning blunders in the 7th inning.

Dodgers beat DBAT 10-2. It looked to me like DBAT just flat ran out of pitching. That's kind of hard to believe that that could happen on SATURDAY.

Dodgers will have to beat the Tigers twice on Sunday to win - Tigers due their 13 inning victory over the Dodgers on Friday only have to win once to win the tournament.

I don't know what the Tigers pitching situation is but the Dodgers will be THIN come Sunday. I don't think they will be able to pitch anyone who has a fresh arm. Playing that 13 inning game Friday and not winning it cost them alot of pitching.

Should be a good game (hopefully two good games).
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The Tigers beat the Dodgers in today's Championship game 11-2. Woods pitched for the Tigers and did a great job keeping the Dodger hitters off balance. In addition the defense behind him was superb. Nick Popescu pitched a good game for the Dodgers. He kept the game close (3-2 Tigers) for 5 innings. The Dodgers just ran out of pitching after him and the game got out of hand quickly.

The Dodgers will go on to play in the McKinney qualifier this weekend. They should have all of their pitching in town for this tournament and hopefully will not have another 13 inning game (and loss) to deal with.

Congratulations to the Tigers - they deserved to win the tournament. Great effort on their part.

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