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Hello…My name is Bullwinkle J. Moose.

I will be traveling to Houston this weekend for the Houston College Classic at Minute Maid park…I will be staying downtown. Hyatt…

So…I am looking for recommendations for restaurants and pubs in the downtown Houston area. I love great bbq…. I also love a great sports bar. But I am open to all ideas.

So give it up Texas…what u got?
M to the double O, S to the E.
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This forum is dominated by North Texans, myself included. You may not get the info you're looking for here. Try sending PM to H5AB, or check his email address in his profile. H5AB runs a well respected Houston 5A high school baseball site. I expect that he can point you in the right direction.

Personally, my favorite view of Houston is in my rear view mirror. Smile
Bull: It's not my territory, but you can't go wrong with the Pappas restaurant group. Tex-Mex, Cajun, and they have one of the best steakhouses you'll find in Pappas Bros, but you'll need your big wallet for that one. You'll also need a car, because I don't think they have any locations in downtown Houston (could be wrong on that). You should go for some of the Tex-Mex while you're in the Lone Star State (Pappasito's).

While I'll stand our BBQ brisket up against anyone's, I don't have a line on a good hole-in-the-wall barbeque joint in the Houston area. If you make it to the Fort Worth area, I'll smoke some ribs for you that will make you want to leave your tofu-infested part of the country forever.
You've come to the right place my friend. Even though my friends to the north dominate this board, we dominate on the field.... OHHHH OUCH! hehe just joking!

Anyways, there is plenty to do in downtown now days. Heres a few suggestions:

1. The Bus, sports bar, it's right across the street from Minute Maid Park, on Texas Ave. Great atmosphere during baseball season.

2. Little Woodrow's, sportds bar an awesome lil sports bar, been there on many occasions. Corner of Brazos St and Hadley. 5 min cab ride from Hyatt.

3. GP's Original Wet Spot, sports bar, I know it sounds bad but it's also a great sports bar, only a five min cab ride. It's on West Gray. My wife asked me about it when it showed up on our bank statement. "But honey it's only a sports it"

4. Buffalo Wild Wings, in Midtown, again about a 5 minute cab ride from your hotel. off of Smith street.

5. Coaches Pub, sports bar, Louisiana St. 5 min cab ride.

6. The Flying Saucer, bar, on Main and Capitol, about a 5 min walk. 200+ beers, about 75 of them on tap. Incredible beer menu. Those who have ever been to one knows.

As far as BBQ goes, not much in downtown, but there is a Pappas Bros BBQ caddy corner to your hotel, on Smith St., they should be able to direct you. My mom still eats luch there all the time.

If you're looking for something different, there's a Cabo Mix-Mex Grill on the corner of Travis and Prairie.

there's a great little pizza joint next to Cabo called Frank's Pizza. Awesome!

If you need anything else, just give me a moose call! Big Grin
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Actually there's some hole-in-the wall places right around your hotel there.

Been there, and, done that,

One's a BBQ place, just can't remember the name.

There 'might' be a friendly Texan left in the lobby.

Ask someone, they'll point you in the right direction.

On the next street Nawth of the hotel.

I don't think it was Pappas, but maybe they bought the one I'm thinking about.

You'll find it.

The sports bar across the street from Minute Maid is worth a stop.
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Bullwinkle - Just wanted to let you know that Houston loves mooses and anteaters! Hope you have an awesome stay this weekend!

We are going to second the nomination for Pappas Barbecue - closest bbq to you. There is an awesome steakhouse close to you - Vic & Anthonys - but very pricey.

If you get there early on Friday try Irmas Southwest but they are just open for breakfast and lunch - good tex-mex or so my hubby who works downtown says! He also likes The Flying Saucer.

There's a cool jazz cafe downtown - Sambuco's.

We are going to try to go see your Anteaters play this weekend - looks like a beautiful weekend for baseball with highs in the 70's.

I hope you enjoy Minute Maid and Houston!
Thank you, Gloveman, that was driving me nuts.

I don't forget good places to eat.

It was, it was Luther's.

Don't remember it being expensive, but if it has Pappas in front of it, it will crinkle your credit card when you drive by.

But, anything with Pappas in front of it is good.

Pappasitos, Pappa Bros, Papadeaux's, Pappas BBQ......

I am just a connosieur of the one-of-a-kind-hole-in-the wall's that have business cards tacked on top of the health permit.

You know, a place that you wouldn't go, unless a local took you with them.

Joe Allen's steakhouse in Abilene qualifies. (Not walking distance from the Hyatt in downtown Houston. It's not walking distance from anywhere.)
We passed on it the first time, because the local dialect came out "JoeEllen's" and we didn't want to go to a steakhouse with a lady's name. They do serve moose there flown in fresh daily.

In Texas, any restaurant, with a parking lot full of pickups at 6:30AM, 12:00AM, or 6:00PM is a five-star restaurant. Tennessee uses the same system.

In Texas, a place like that, makes Lou Malnati's pizza in Chicaco look like a tofu bar in Connecticut.
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Went to see the Eaters play the Aggies on Friday - they were in the game until the 6th inning. Although the Eaters crowd was small - they were loud! Tons of Aggie fans were there - also tons of scouts. It was a great day for baseball - we enjoyed the game (although we aren't Aggie fans - fun to see kids we know playing!).

Didn't see a brown shaggy mouse with large ears running around though!

Congrats on going 2 and 1. Now why did you have to come to Texas to play UCLA?
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Hi all...

Moose back in Cali...

Houston and cold don't seem to go together...but man it was cold for Saturday and Sunday early games...didn't expect it...sun was I followed the sun around the park...

Hit the Flying Saucer (twice), Papas, and Cabo...and of course Minute Maid...

Thanks for all the help and advice...if ever in San Diego...let me know ...I'll pass on the goods to you.

If you're going to Waco, then you absolutley must hit up (no pun intended) Rudy's Country Store and Bar-B-Q. It some of Tx's best! OPP introduced me to it a number of years ago and I have been hooked ever since. Don't let the gas pumps in front fool you, it is some really good eats!

It's just south of Baylor off of I-35, take exit 333A. It's on the east side of the freeway.
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I have spent a considerable amount of time in Waco. Here is what I call "The List". Natural will attest to my ability to find the "dives". Hope you find this helpful:

The List

Poppa Rollo’s Pizza
703 N. Valley Mills Drive
Waco, TX 76710
(254) 776-6776

Review – Probably my favorite place to eat in the whole world. Rollo’s has GREAT pizza. It is a medium thin, crispy crust with tons of toppings and cheese. It is a very funky place. You should enter through the front door (right next to Herbie the Love Bug) and try to find your way to the back room (go through the telephone booth) where the bar and the big screen are - although it can be a bit smoky. Make sure to get either a side of ranch dressing or my personal favorite, Creamy Italian, for dipping the crust or even the whole piece of pizza in. On my deathbed, bring me a pepperoni and sausage mixed pizza from Rollo’s.

Health Camp
2601 Circle Road
Waco, TX 76706
(254) 752-2081

Review – Nothing healthy about it. This was not one of my favorites when I was there but I have grown to really like it as an adult. I had an unfortunate situation as an undergrad as the result of a midnight chili dog and chocolate shake that scarred me for awhile. It is your typical greasy spoon hamburger joint that is best known for late night milkshakes by the Baylor crowd.

La Fiesta
3815 Franklin Ave.
Waco, TX
(254) 756-4701

Review – Either this or Mia’s in Dallas is my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant. The enchiladas are exceptional, the fajitas are great, and they have my all time favorite dish, Enchiladas a la Fiesta (beef fajita meat wrapped in a flour tortilla served with enchilada sauce on top).

Captain Billy Whizzbangs Old Fashioned Hamburgers
901 Lake Air Drive
Waco, TX
(254) 776-4155

Review – This was my favorite hamburger in Waco. I haven’t eaten here in a few years, but this was my favorite back in the day. I have been told it is still very good. It is not close to campus, though.

Vitek’s BBQ
1600 Speight Ave.
Waco, TX 76706
(254) 752-7591

Review – A great place to get a sandwich. This is now a second generation Waco institution. They smoke their own meats and the food is great. It is famous for the Gut Pack, which is a Styrofoam take out plate with Fritos, beans, chopped BBQ beef, onions, peppers, etc. for about $4. Basically it is the whole kitchen sink. My personal favorite at Vitek’s is a turkey sandwich on white bread with American Cheese and mayo. Their bread is delivered fresh daily from Mrs. Bairds.

1925 Speight Ave.
Waco, TX 76706
(254) 753-1421

Review – The quintessential Baylor experience. Famous for the Big O, which is an icy cold goblet of beer. The food is good, with the chicken fried steak special being a Baylor tradition. The atmosphere is great, particularly on Thursday night, which is the big night for “going out” at Baylor. George’s added a patio a few years ago, which has only added to the appeal. It is the place the reminds you of why it was fun to be in college.

Cupps Drive-Inn
1424 Speight Ave.
Waco, TX 76706
(254) 753-9364

Review – Another Waco institution having been around since 1947. I have eaten breakfast at Cupps, but never lunch. Some folks think this is the best burger in town.


Kitok Restaurant – I don’t know much about it, but the people that like it LOVE IT. 1815 N. 18th Street

Dubl-R Burgers – I keep hearing about this place but haven’t eaten here myself. 1810 Herring Ave.

Rudy’s BBQ – Part of the statewide chain of Rudy’s restaurants. On the traffic circle near Healthcamp.

Elite – Waco institution on the traffic circle. Has been renovated and is like a little nicer Chili’s.

Jack and Jill Donuts – Various locations. The chocolate donuts are my favorite. They take a regular glazed donut and then put the chocolate on top of the glaze.

Buzzard Billy’s – Cajun beer joint closer to campus. Was in the refurbished Downtown Area but is now on the north side of the Brazos River in the old Brazos Landing space. Not too far from campus.

Texas Roadhouse – Part of the chain. Steakhouse near the traffic circle.

And then you have all the regular chain restaurants that you have everywhere else in the state.

That’s it. Hope this helps. I am sure you will find something that will work for you.

Oh, and Sic 'em Bears!

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