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My son did some local showcases and camps in the fall leading into his junior year. The idea was twofold. Get him comfortbale with the routine before it really counts next summer. Second, while they coaches were mostly looking at 2010 talent he did get on some radar screens.
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Definitely his junior summer entering his senior season is the most important. College coaches can keep an eye on you during sophomore summer entering junior year,but they are more concerned about the guys a year ahead because they are the guys who are more of an immediate priority. Remember, the NCAA contact rule as well

Going into senior year, he needs to have a GREAT summer in the weight room and on the field. By far the most important, as far as getting to a big showcase or college camp
Start to build a resume in rising Jr (Soph-Jr) season and establish that he can compete at the highest levels start to get his name out. Continue to build on it during his rising Sr. season. At a minimum I would do USA Baseball 16U in June, Arizona Fall Jr Classic, and either the WWB Tucson tournament in Sept or Jupiter Oct. (Jupiter if he is interested in Eastern schools, Tucson for Western Schools) Get him an invite to the Area Code tryout. Have him make a list of schools he is interested in (15 minimum) and send a letter/email to them prior to the USA tournament and let them know his summer schedule. Beyond this it is just how much more you have to spend. PG is a good idea to figure out where someone might fit him.
Remember, the NCAA contact rule as well
The good things about attending camps in the fall heading into junior year is the coaches are on the field with the players. They can chat with the players. There were cases where my son was asked if he had filled out the recruiting questionaire and taken a campus tour. Those are indirect hints at interest level.
My son is a 2012 (SOPH)and I had him go to PG events in Ft. Myers this fall and a SEC & ACC prospects camp this fall/winter. The PG event was a team event, camps were individual. He enjoyed, did well and now is mentally prepared for what these events are and how they are orchestrated. He has picked up valuable exposure to several schools and can't wait to get going after the High School season is over this summer. We strike a good balance with his acadenic load and support him during this very exciting time of his life. I would endorse participation beginning in the sophmore year but it is clear to me, even though several of his 2012 team mates have commited early, the junior year and following summer are crucial.
I just want to reinforce what DuckinDD said:

He enjoyed, did well and now is mentally prepared for what these events are and how they are orchestrated.

Once you have identified the "critical" event(s) to attend, (such as a major Perfect Game event in junior summer/ senior fall), it can be very helpful for your son to attend a similar event the year before, so that he knows what to expect and is fully prepared and more comfortable/relaxed. (Think of it like a HS student who's involved in theater expecting to do a "dress rehearsal" before the main public performance.)

Also FYI, some of the major Perfect Game showcases are invitation only and very selective, and one way to get an invitation is for the player to be a top prospect at a regional event.

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