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Can anyone offer any opinions on playing multiple sports. In the northeast there is a small but strong belief that multi sporters make better players. My son plays football baseball and hockey. With a strong winter baseball program. Each sport offers things to complement the other, And offers great all around conditoning. No single sport burnout,and as far as baseball is concerened the seasons seem to keep an awful lot of pop in the arm.
(Does throwing year round but very controlled)

Any thoughts or opinions?

P.S. GO Pat!!!!!!!s
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If a player is naturally talented and skilled at multiple sports you can only conclude that it will be beneficial with all the additional time spent training. The more athletic you become can only help. The only downside is time and greater possibility of injury. Generally speaking, their heart will tell them what they want to play in the end.

Knowledge is Power! Thank you Mavens and HSBBWEB!
Ours has been playing 3 sports (s-cc-r 5,6,7, does that count?) since he was 5. His first loves rotate between baseball & football. As far as injuries go, he's had more in baseball than football. Injuries can happen as easily in practice as a game(or at home for that matter). We're glad he is multi sport player, not only for the fun of whatching, but it keeps him focused on his grades year round.
If they can handle it, more power to them.

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