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What is the policy or what is the level of respect that should be granted at a High School Baseball game in regards to when music/soundbits/drops can be played during a game.

For instance:

Can music be played during or before a defensive play is over?

Can music be played up until the windup/release of a pitch?

Can music be played between pitches?

My ears are still ringing from the 2 games I attended last night and this situation has occured on several occasions at the same HS and I am not sure if it is just when our 2 teams meet or if it is common practice.

I am just wondering what the guidelines are, if any before I compose a letter to our AD and their AD.....

And should this be a mute point for the fans/parents because it should be tuned out by the players?

I enjoy good music as much as the other person but distraction and rudeness w/music makes for a very bad atmosphere for fans and players.
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In my opinion, music should only be played in between innings or during an extended time out -- like a pitching change. The exception is a home team's "walk-up" music for each player if they have it. I think sound drops are ok if they do not occur during the normal play of the game -- so, no sound during pitches, swings, or during live play. From my experience, the kids hear the sounds. The game "atmosphere" can be a nice little home advantage....within reason and with a degree of respect.

Having said that, we have a funny little "cry baby" wav that is used once or twice a game for "difficult dads". Smile It usually makes the visitors laugh too.
my son, his teammates, and us parents endured it their inaugural year ..... I couldn't believe the immaturity level of some parents and the announcers!! I guess the more things change the more they stay the same..... good luck this year .... I'm pulling for Marcus (funny... at one time in my life I never thought I'd say that!)
Have the players from these teams talked to their coaches about the disruption? I would think that if the boys told their coaches that it was interfering with their game, the coaches could handle the problem. We were always told that the coaches handle anything that hurts/disrupts their team. Having a parent coming up to the booth trying to handle the situation during the game doesn't usually rectify the problem.Tom Italiano was doing the announcing and he has raised a very mature young man. Aside from Craigs obvious baseball talents, he is one of the nicest boys our family has ever met. I have heard some pretty nasty and immature comments made at my 11 year olds games. It happens all over, not just at Flower Mound. Many of the people who come to watch Flower Mound games don't have kids on the team but enjoy the whole baseball environment. Sometimes what bothers us as parents, really doesn't bother the boys. If it does, that is when to see the coach. JMHO.
NRPMom -- perhaps it was unfair to target Flower Mound, but certainly you can see oldbat-never's point-of-view. It's all about common sense. The atmosphere of the game should never be rude or disruptive. I'm all in favor of establishing a "home field" advantage...but playing loud music during play? Come on! Is Tom responsible for all aspects of the game presentation? If so, why don't you suggest that he reconsider attempts to distract the players? I'll take your word that he has a great kid.

There are some places in town that have GREAT home tradition -- Rockwall and Duncanville come to mind -- even Allen's "ladder gang" can be fun, within reason. I think that's a cool part of HS baseball. (In college, there seems to be a tad too much "testosterone" at times.) It sounds to me like you would like people to view FM's home field advantage in more of a positive manner. If you notice, oldbat-never isn't alone in her opinion that the FM "noise" is over-the-top. Does a program that is recognized as one of the state's elite need this "edge" to be successful?

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I would have to agree with NRPMom on this one as the complaints appear to be sour grapes due to the success of the Flower Mound Program.

I have attended many baseball games both on the select circiut and at high schools, including Flower Mound, and can't imagine any announcer or music played to be as bad as what I have seen from many of the parents and coaches.

My personal opinion on music at games is that it should be kept to a minimum, as I am a traditionalist, and think it takes away from the pleasure of watching the game. It seems however that the schools are in disagreement as more and more are adding louder music year after year.

From my view, it appears to annoy the parents but doesn't really affect the players on the field.

Panther Dad
I'm sorry but I really don't understand since I still adhere to the theory, if it bothers the players, they will tell their coach. I didn't find the atmosphere rude or disruptive. I didn't see any player stop his at bat because he couldn't concentrate or tell the umpire that he had a problem with the music. Maybe I missed something. No, Tom is not responsible for all of the game presentation and since I didn't have a problem, I can't see what I would say to him. Again, I believe that the players should tell the coaches or umpire and let them handle it. I have sat by some rude parents and sometimes I just had to get up and move. I'm not trying to change peoples opinion, just trying to understand if it is such a large problem with the players maybe your coaches aren't doing their job. No, I don't think the music is what has given Flower Mound the success it has had in the past. To be honest with you, I think that view is disrespecting the talent of the past and present players and coaches. After all, we don't have all our games at home.
My 2 cents on this;

Was at a freshman game at FM. Pitcher for opposing team was struggling to throw strikes, coach made a visit to the mound and the announcer played "Wild Thing."

Very fitting song for the struggling pitcher, pitcher might not have heard it, but I thought at a freshman game, coming from an adult announcer it was inappropriate.

At a pro game, college game, maybe even varsity game, it would have been very funny and appropriate. At freshman level, when the desire is development, I found it out of place.

I love when the kids get into the act. But personally, as adults we should leave the taunting to the kids.
NRPMom -- I respect your opinion....but, I can tell you from talking to my son...the kids hear the noise. I agree that they should be able to accept it as part of the game. Most kids aren't going to run to their coach complaining about music.

If you don't think it's rude, that's fine too. I was just presenting the possibility that it was too much. I haven't heard it -- I will tonight. Smile
I'm not saying that they should run complaining to their coach but my guess would be that the coach is of the theory that if music is the worst you hear during a game, not a big deal. My oldest had a s----r coach once who told him he was too slow, not good enough to be on the team, stupid etc etc and I wanted to slug the guy myself. But what would that prove? I told my son that quitting would let the other guy win and let's not let that happen. This same coach begged my son a year later not to give up s----r. I guess my point is that if it's allowed by your coaches and the umpires on the field, we may be the ones it's really bothering. Or more importantly, our sons had better learn that s--t happens on and off the field, right or wrong, whether we as parents like it or not. Good luck tonight and I hope your son has a great game!
Since I originated this post let me point this out:

1. I asked the crowd around me if it was the umpire's responsibility to stop the music, no one thought that was "his" job, I would think being an umpire is hard enough dealing with coaches and parents I wouldn't want to put this on his shoulders either. But I would have to see a rule book to know what the true answer is.

2. I asked the crowd around me, should a pitcher or batter call time on this. Everyone tended to agree that would be a good thing to do but have you ever had a coach, and I am not speaking for our coach but in the past my son played for coaches at the select level that if he said the music was "bugging" him they would tell him to get a, no I don't think it is the players responsiblity. It is the booster club/school administrations problem.

My post was to see if this was happening to just our team(s)or was this the "norm". We had this occur last year as Freshman, this year as JV and I saw it w/our Varsity team. Neither time was my son on the mound and it still bothered me as a parent.

If this was a basketball game would a school band be allowed to play during a free throw shot? If it was a football game could the school band play during an extra point? If it was a s****r game could the band play during a penatly kick, do you see where I am going on this. It is not allowed and if it was done in this manner imagine how crazy the crowd would go.

Without looking I would assume that music in this manner isn't allowed in other venues out of respect and maybe even through UIL guidelines, I am wondering if it is the same for baseball. I have heard that it isn't allowed in baseball and I am trying to clarify that as well.

One more thing NPRMom, the response that Tom I. is a nice guy with a nice son I don't understand why that would make it OK? If he wasn't nice and his son not so talented then would that make it not ok and not supported by your group?

Truly, this has nothing to do with good teams, good players it is about parental behavior creating a very unsportsmanlike arena. If you noticed I didn't mention your school in my post because It wasn't about the school it was about "what happened". And I didn't mention Tom and I knew he was your announcer again out of respect.... I just know that if this happened at another venue with another team it would still come off as a very unsportsmanlike behavior......

I have the information I needed, and if you noticed 2 other schools and another parent have experience/ witnessed the same thing and felt the same way about this so.............maybe there is a problem......

My letter is being drafted to the AD of the district.
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I'm sorry that this has upset you so much. My point about Tom wasn't what you are reading into it. You have every right to contact who ever about this situation. All I said was that if the music issue has been an issue over the years as you and others have stated and it violates UIL rules, the umpires and coaches would not and should not allow it. As far as mentioning peoples names, I only have the best to say about the father and son so if I shouldn't have said their names, I apologize.
No biggie on the names here........

Last year, when we experienced the problem it was the last game of the season and there was talk about it amongest the parents then and getting it looked into, but you know how that goes,,,,,,,,,,,,last game.....summer time....season over.

This year, there has been so much talk about our 2 schools and "getting along" since there have been problems at the football and basketball games as we know. With baseball these boys know each other soooo well, they have played on teams together, the parents are friends and besides the normal vocal points we have been incident free.

My real concern is what I saw happening to our fans behavior, mine included and I am totally ashamed by it, when the music was played at the wrong times over and over the fans got out of control. This happened way before the game became your game it was when we were right there in the hunt. Something as simple as music, at the wrong time, created such ugliness and I would hate to see it continue.

I have as many friends at your school as I do at my own so this has been a very sensitive issue with me. What I am fearful of is that one day, if my son is lucky enough, he will be on that mound and if the enviornment is the same I will be crazy..............along with all the others in the stands.

To correct it would be something as simple as not playing music, out of respect, when a pitcher is on the mound, during a defensive play . And take the fuel out of the fire.

And in closing, I have watched your son since you'all moved here and he is extremely talented and what a future he has ahead of him........I hope for nothing but continued success.

And since this thread has run it's course and come down to you and I, I would think we can just shake hands and move on.............

insert nice closing song here...........
(just kidding)
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I just wanted to provide quick feedback on this subject and the Plano East vs Flower Mound game last night.

Although the sound system is a little loud for my personal taste -- the overall game presentation was very well done. The announcing was professional and everything was handled with class. My wife, who knew about the recent scrutiny and may be considered a neutral 3rd-party, enjoyed the game "experience". I have to admit that I went in looking for things to criticize, but found few (if any).

Having said that, we all recognized that things might be different during situations that focus on the cross-town rivalry. To be perfectly honest, I found both FM and Marcus to be class acts - from top to bottom. I hope people feel that way about trips to Plano.


My son told me before the game that I needed to borrow the "professional radio voice" -- *shrug*
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This is a long running topic. This article might be interesting to you. You might remember reading it 2 years ago. Old DMN article

In the end, very little was improved. The school district promised to establish and enforce a new PA policy that would prevent future incidents. Policy was to include Principal & Coach oversight of any recordings that would be played over the PA system. I did a little research at Marcus after the original playlist error occurred. I found that none of the initiatives announced were implemented at Marcus.

Only 1 year later Marcus played a musical selection that contained off-color lyrics (1 of George Carlin's 7 dirty wrods Smile ) when FMHS was visiting. Yet another letter to school superintendents was sent. And again they promised to establish and enforce music policies. It is unfortunate to hear that announcer issues at HS games can still be an issue at LISD schools.

Personally, I have always liked Lewisville's PA announcer.
Thanks for the article, a different view but still another reoccuring problem: the slip of vulgarity in songs that have also been played.

Music is a great addition to the experience of the game but seems we have to be even more cautious with the type of music that is being recorded off the internet or submitted that hasn't been properly reviewed, by an adult, prior to playing.

If a slip occurs, which is hopefully always a mistake, it is addressed, at least at our school and the CD is removed from the pressbox. I would think/hope that is common practice at all schools.
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Its unfortunate that some explicit lyrics got played over the PA. I know if I had a younger child/sibling there I would be pretty PO'd too.

I do the music at Elkins and we screen every song that gets requested by players prior to the start of the season. Players submit songs a few weeks before the first home game and we then play each one individually and if possible, use some MP3 editor program to "beep" or delete questionable content. It works out pretty well for us and havent had any mistakes in the 3 years since I started. I know its towards the end of the season, but if any other posters here are the music guys at their school and use MP3s instead of cds I'd recommend the program called Audacity to edit songs. Its free and can be downloaded in a couple different places. Hit up Google and you'll track it down.
The UIL has guidelines for announcers but does not specifically spell out when or when not to play music etc. As an avid fan I have had the opportunity to attend games at most of the schools in the Mid-and Lake Cities areas and have enjoyed each to one degree or another. Each HS has its own ambiance, feel and traditions.

While announcers can at timesbe somewhat over zealous, I have a hard time believing any one of them have some premeditated agenda or knowingly try to hinder, ridicule or incite players, coaches and fans. It has been my impression that announcer/sound people try to make the game enjoyable for all. Do some use bad judgement/timing? Certainly they do.

I was at the Flower Mound HS and Lewisville-Marcus (there is not Flower Mound ISD)game and heard a very nice welcome and introduction/bio of the new coach and staff, did anyone else? Flower Mound HS is one of the few schools, in my experience, that announces the recommended pre-game reading regarding UIL guidelines etc. Flower Mound announces every player, coach and umpire before each game, not all schools do.

Later in the same game the FM Coach appealed a call (that a runner missed third) upon which the Chief Umpire promptly and without hesitation called the runner out (sometimes the Umpires watch things the typical fans do not.) The Lewisville-Marcus fans reacted about as quickly as the umpire and they conveyed their disdain through voice and jesture. But above all the noise one lone female voice roared and called the FM Coach a "cheater" for all to hear at least two times. Which conduct is right? Which shows sportsmanship? Enjoy the game for what it is, HS baseball. Live with your kids not through them.

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