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i have been having some pain in my shoulder, i can feel the pain inside.. and sometimes i will get pain on down my elbow to..

its now august and its really hurting. i cant hardley shoot a basketball without it hurting and the pain. and i know i cant throw a baseball right now. fall ball starts tuesday, workouts then practice after school.

my dad said something about taking me to a doctor to get it checked out and hopefully its nothing wrong with my rotator cuff. can anybody help me how to get it stronger if thats the case?? or how to treat it? basketball starts in november and i DEFF want to be ready for the basebal season in january.

one of my problems is that i never iced after games which was a mistake. *** i know started icing it about 2 times a day.... should i continue to ice it?? or what do i do? i just have never been in this position before.. i am now a junior to and dont want to waste this season.
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Keep in mind that pain is your bodies way of telling you to stop and take care of yourself. It could be many things from something simple to something more complicated. The first time my son had pain in his shoulder he did not tell anyone and continued to play. Well not listing to his body cost him as a possible small problem turned into something bigger. Now he knows that pain is a good thing to listen too. As mentioned already stop anything that to do with that shoulder and go see a doctor. Good luck.
I too only thought tendonitis was in the arm, not the shoulder. My son had Bicep tendonitis this past spring.

His symptoms were much the same as described here. It took about a month of therapy before the therapy even started to begin to work because the tendon was so hot.

He is now recovered. It took about 3 months of not throwing the baseball AT ALL, lots of stretching, exercices, PT at home and at the PT office and light weights 2,3 and 5lbs.

We still continue the therapy. They have a "Wellness" program for patients. You can go as much as you want, go through your PT work out for a minimal cost per month. They even ad things to my son's program. He is now doing alot of core workouts as well.

Remember.. it is very important to keep your small muscles strong, as that is what supports your big muscles and your tendons.

Get with a good PT. An arm and shoulder guy if you can and the best Sports Orthopedic doc you can find. If you are active in sports, it will be a long time relationship! LOL!

Good luck
Son, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I am almost certain that any Sports ortho. doctor worth a toot, and Physical Therapist (PT) after looking at you will most assuredly shut you down for this fall. If you don't, you won't be ready for next spring. So you and you alone have to decide what is more important - playing fall ball in pain, or skipping it and getting your arm/shoulder in shape to be ready 100% next spring?

Bobblehead, I am no Doctor (I wish!) but I can only speak from a Dad who in hindsight can speculate what causes it. I'm sure WebMD, etc. can probably give a better explanation. In high school weightlifting rooms, most all athletes do workouts to build the bigger muscle sets which is essential for overall strength. This is good for football players (mostly) but not limited to. All athletes benefit from overall strength. But throw into the mix athletes who "specialize" in certain sports, i.e. pitchers, catchers, javelin throws, tennis players, etc. that utilize their arms. It has just recently in the past few years become known that these specialty athletes do not need to lift weights like a fullback or wrestler. Sports Orthopedics are advising these athletes to not be lifting weights past parallel of their shoulders at all, i.e. shoulder presses, bench presses, pulldowns, etc.

Building the large muscles is great, but what is being neglected are all the hundreds of smaller muscles surrounding them. They need strengthening as well. High School football or some strength coaches don't know how to accomplish this. Some can't because the head football coach only wants strength so all athletes are thrown into the proverbial pot to lift how the football team is.

Icing and running is part of the process of proper maintenance, but only a small part.

Again, this is only my opnion.
YG I was wondering what these guys did.
I was an avid weight lifted from 12 YO. Actaully a body builder. i had weights in my bedroom and in the rec room. I did 2 hours before school and as much as 4 hours after school with friends at my home. I was into football and track with some BB and FB. I also had 2 weight lifting classes while in HS. You could say I concentrated on the karger muscles. I can tell you that I threw a BB harder than anyone in my league, thrwe a FT ball fartehr than anyone and hit a ball further than anyone. I was an open field runner a middle linebacker and a full back. I also was a sprinter and was never beaten in the 1st 40 yards.I had a scholarship offer to play D1 football.
The only injury I ever had was a cracked rib when I was pinned by 2 300lb linemen.
My son on the other hand is a tall skinny kid who did light weights specific to pitching from the age of 16. After 3 years of college he went from 165 to 191lbs and still looks skinny but he can press the most ofr all the pitchers on his team. He has never injured himself and the only caution I gave him was not to lock his elbows or knees when lifting and to keep perfect posture. Straight back, lift with legs and do not roll his shoulders when doing curls. He mixes light and heavy weights.
Neither of us has had injuryies related to throwing etc.
So personally I have had no experience with their type of injury and was curious to see if they followed the icing and jogging routines properly sinc there has been a lot of debate over the 2 stategies. I never iced or ran but my son did.
I also vote for shutting it down completely. The spring season is far more important - and you want to be healthy for that.

When I say completely, I do mean completely - when I read your posts above, I see that you have been pushing the shoulder to see what you can do with swimming and the like. All I can say is that every time you ding it, you are making the healing time longer. Just stop pushing it until you can see the doctor and he can tell you what you can and can't do.

Ice, rest, and go see the doctor!!!!
Originally posted by LW2ndbase30:
ok thanks..

im just going to try to sit down and talk with my dad and my coach about this..

my coach wants me running.. says i should lead county in steals this year.. but its just the fall.. and i do need to rest.

Go to the doctor to see what is the matter first. Some trainers do not want you running (did you mean as in training) with a bum shoulder until there is a significant improvement because arms and shoulders are a part of running.

You ask for tips, you have gotten plenty, do not do anything until you have seen a professional.
well i FINALLY have an appointment.

september 25th.. next thursday..

right now, its getting to the point where if i jog, it bothers me.. im worried.. just hope these few days go by fast so i can see the doc.. he said he wouldnt be surprised if im out for basketball and baseball.. hope he is wrong..

i appreciate all the tips.. really have been helpful to me.
news everyone.. i just got back from the doctors and what i have is inpingement in my shoulder... / tendonitis he said..

im not good on spelling lol... but my shoulder is really tight he said also. i am doing the strive program therapy. i start next week and i go 3 times a week for 4 weeks.

he said i should sit out fall ball and stay healthy for spring.. but said pinch running maybe would nto affect my shoulder unless i tried to hook slide and hit it or something. but im just sitting out for the fall.

the doctor said it is VERY RARE for 17 year olds to have rotator cuff problems at such a young age.
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I had a shoulder inpingement a couple of years ago, Mine became a frozen shoulder and I coulnt even dress myself. This can be very painful. rest and PT if doctor says ok. I had to get a cortisone shot because I coulnt even do daily functions but as TPM said I gueess they dont do those on young players becasue of possible scar tissue or calcium build up.
Dont push it too soon it took a while for my range of motion to come back. good luck I am glad you got an answer.
tpm that is exactly what the doctor said to..

he was talking about my acromion and stuff..

i had a game last night... running is not an issue.. had couple stolen bases and i batted... my therapy doctor said it is really up to me how it feels if i can swing.. i showed up at the game and hit a couple and i just had a tad bit of pain. i got up to bat for the first time in about 4 months... struck out. its sooooo weird because i havent been up to the plate for a while.. i did get a double my third and final at bat.. but im not really feeling that much pain right now.

he gave me this rubber robe thing to put in my door at home and a sheet for these drill things i gotta do to make my shoulders strength get back up. first day of therapy was HARD!! lol... lifting the weights and the workouts using the shoulder killed me after the day.. went to bed at like 8:30 lol..

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