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 Ok who is going to the Music City Baseball Classic Tournament this weekend in Nashville, TN.?

One of the best things  my son is looking forward to is playing on Vanderbilt's University field while they are at the CWS.

(I hope the security guard doesnt catch him).  ha ha ha ..

Anybody else going...

Shout out! & Good Luck!

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We'll be there....getting down there tomorrow late afternoon.  We play at 2pm on Thursday, 11:30 on Friday and 2pm on Saturday....so we're hoping to take in some music  one (or all 3) nights....lol.  Also kind of hoping Virginia can pull out a win tonight....would be fun to watch Vandy in Nashville tomorrow night

Cool... if you mark your car window with 'Buckeye' I might see you on the road tomorrow late afternoon..ha ha   We play one game on thurs.,  three on friday... off Sat. and one Sunday..

Saturday will be tourist day for us...  

I am pulling for Vandy, but like VA. too... Son's team is the 'Huntingotn Hounds', WV.


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Son flew in today to that tournament.  They have their first game tonight.  I'm not going down this year, but we went last year when he played in the same tourney.  Nashville was fantastic.  Have a great time.

Played today at BattleGround Academy in Franklin, TN....it's a "high school"....but has a campu and facilities that make some very nice small colleges look like a trash dump.  Place was amazing.  Got to see their locker room and indoor hitting facility.  As nice as some D1's....they also have a 40-yd indoor turfed football practice facility.  Very nice....and the best part is it's only 22K/year to attend.....lol

Reporting from Nashville,

We are having a good time here in Nashville,  A lot of good baseball, I just told my son if he wasnt on a travel team we would never get to see these places.,..

On Sunday we get to play our last game at Vanderbilt... the team is looking forward to it

and for Vanderbilt to just win the CWS is a special time..


Downtown Nashville is a drinking town with a Music problem...ha ha ha

I'll have another round anytime in Nashville..  great place!

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