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Hi guys,

Our team, Salpointe Catholic, will be venturing on out first out of state trip this spring break and participating in this tournament starting 4/5/2010. The link will get you the participating teams/schedules and any feedback on the tournament itself and teams playing will be greatly appreciated.

Looks like it is pretty well run. I will post feed back after the tourney.

National Classic Baseball Tournament

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Mr. BOF,

Thanks. I think we were just notified that it will be wood bats due to the recent injury to Gunnar Sandberg at the the top of this forum. We will see some real baseball then! I love the sound of WOOD!!!

Probably not a whole lot of college scouts but maybe MLB/PG scouts?

I got a text that the PG underclass All Americans were released and definitely the 2 Arizona representatives ( Salpointe and Notre Dame) will have their fair share of All Americans.

PG Underclass All Americans

Rawlings® and Perfect Game USA announce Preseason All-American and All-Region Teams
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Mr. Celtdad,

We are still here in Tucson but will be there for the actual tourney. We may be having 2 contestatns for HR derby. Is Crespi team is your son playing? Good Luck to him and his team as well. I guess the last team undefeated will win it all in this format. Wood will make it better I think. I will see you there.

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Ryanrod, there should be a number of colleges there. The games run during the day allowing the SoCal colleges to make the games. I have seen quite a few attend games. I should be making a few of the games. We have a players at Bishop Amat, South Hills, Crespi, Orange Lutheran and the #1 from Palm Desert. I see you open up with South Hills. We have the 3B, 2B and RF who should be starting catcher and some others that are young role guys. It is a solid group. I will be going to this game. What number are you?
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Christian Lopes(Edison 2011) wins the HR derby yesterday with some monster shots. Some great hitting on a windy day, which made it more difficult at times. Nice crowd for opening ceremony for the tournament.Mr.sgvbaseballs name is Mike, he runs a great club. Can't wait for games to start, lots of talent there yesterday. All the boys on crespi are like my son, they have a lot of fun together on and of the field. I enjoy watching them play and don't take one moment for granted. I know this time dosen't last forever.
Some great games yesterday, but the late game between IMG(FL) and El Dorado was fantastic. The out of state teams lost 3 games with the lone team yet to play because of rain delay(9AM today). SoCal teams are much better than most realize, top to bottom. The weather is going to be perfect the next three days. Looking forward to some more great games. Leaving to go see RyanRods son play this morning, they are the last out of state team alive for championship. Good luck to Him and all the players.
Ryan, yes I know you guys had a rough inning in the second game. I was there at the game, talked to one of your underclass fathers during the game. Didn't want to bother you during a game with your kid playing. I don't like when people do that to me. Every game I've seen in this tournament has been decided with errors on the losing team. These teams are all good enough to make you pay for a mistake. We won tonight on an error by player in the seventh that opened the door, and our boys took advantage. Great tournament with great teams and players. I hope your families all enjoy the games and your time here in SoCal.
Hi Celtdad,

Go get the other Lancers today. Sent you a PM re: Scouting report on Esperanza. I know you already saw how Lutheran plays. We had the chance to win it in the last inning but just came up short. RR23Jr was up to bat when game ended. He is just soaking up on the experience. Had some good AB against quality pitchers including 3 against USC bound Bobby Wheatley even though he was 0/3. The team and families are enjoying every minute of it. We could have played today against each other huh? What # is your son? We may catch the tailend of your game today. Good Luck!

Hopefully we can formally meet after your game today.

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It will be Crespi vs El Dorado today for championship today @ Cal State Fullerton. Our team won a 14 inning marathon vs one the host Esperenza 3 to 2. We will be playing for 5th place vs Bishop Amat. This trip no matter what happens is a character builder for our team.

Celtdad....Good luck in the championship game.

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Thanks RR, we have been on the lucky side of things in the last two games. The games have been great with the wood bats, all about the walks and errors that decide most of these games. I know believe in wood more than before as to quality of the games. The argument about the injuries being the same with alum are crazy. People are comparing the stats of pros hitting with wood and HS and NCAA with aluminum. The power of the pro hitters make up for the loss of power you get with wood. These games have become about the kids and not the bats. Ryan Bishop Amat is a great team and will be tough, again good luck and hope to not make many mistakes. By the way I like your 4-5 man cheering section when a kid does a good thing. Nice support of the kids.
We ended up 2-2. Played total of 35 innings in 4 games. Very tired but what a great experience. RR23Jr did not have a good hitting tournament but played well defensively to help in the 2 wins. He had a great sac bunt to set up the winning run in our 14 inning marathon. Will watch championship game tonight beween CELTDADjr and 108stitchesjr's teams as well All tourney team presentation.
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Great game last night with Crespi winning over El Dorado in extra innings 2-1. COngratulations to both teams. Special Congratulations to Celtdad's son who made all tournament team and TOurnament MVP!! Sorry Mr. 108 stitches as I do not know your son and if he made all tourney team. What a collection of talent. Good luck to everyone rest of season and beyond!

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Thanks very much Ryanrod, and very nice to talk to you after the game. Your correct about the talent on the teams. Some of those younger players will be making a lot of noise in the baseball circles for a long time to come. I hope your young team gains valued experience from that level of teams. Crespi has a great team of seasoned players and had some luck along the way, which as I said every team needs to win in that tournament. I hope your families had as great of a time as of a time as ours did. Good luck on RRjrs college recruiting future. The thing I enjoy so much about the baseball community is how nice the majority of people are to one another. That tournament with the level of talent and wood bats proved to me how much I believe the switch would be good for youth baseball(HS+NCAA). Some many great 1 run games, it became about the plays and mistakes. Not just one big lucky hit beating a great pitcher like we see in normal HS games. I hope they make the tournament with wood in the future permanent. Thanks again RR!
Congrads to Celtdad's son and the Crespi team. It was a great game. Although we came in second place, it was a great victory for our team just to make to the finals. We were the only team in the touney with a losing record going into the National Classic. It is amazing how wooden bats can change the game. Good luck to everyone the rest of the season.
Thanks 108, I sure wouldn't want to be your opponent in the future. Your team will be something to be reckoned in the future. The one thing that I can tell you when you have that much young talent, is not to be individuals on the playing field. Its hard to do when you many great players. The crespi team has come together, and played for one common goal. I also think it was one of the best HS games I've seen. Thanks again on my sons team and his awards. He could not have done it without his friends and team parents support. Wood bats do change the game for the better of the game.
Time to bring the chatter back for this tournament. Crespi isn't going this year, but would like to hear thoughts about teams that are going. Input from all the teams that have parents or friends on this site should contribute. The schedule is up on the national classic site now, so take a look at the first round match-ups.

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