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Not much action in this thread.... Let's go National League!

Phillies are winless since clinching NL East, with their fifth straight loss. Eek

Arizona's magic number is down to 2, but the D-Backs can't clinch the NL West until tomorrow, at the earliest. The Giants are at Arizona for 3 games starting Friday. The Giants trail by 5.5 games with 7 to go. The NL West could come down to one of those 3 games. D-Backs have only 6 games remaining.

The Braves have lost 13 of 20 games and their cushion in the NL wildcard race. With 6 to go, they have a 1.5 game lead over the surging Cards. The Brew crew need 3 to clinch the NL Central.

If the postseason started today, here's the match-ups:

D-backs @ Phillies
Braves(WC) @ Brewers

I'm sure the Phillies will right the ship, and I'm kinda quietly rooting for my boy (former CC Hook) Hunter Pence. Get healthy dude!

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Gotta go with the hometown team.. 6 weeks ago I said they were done; 4 weeks ago I said they were done; 3 weeks ago I said they were done.

The Cardinals are HOT right now. With a little help from the Nationals and Phillies I think the Cardinals have a definite shot at overcoming the Braves' Wild Card spot. The Cardinals have won 14/19 this month and they have one game left with the Braves, a series left with the Cubs, and a series left at Houston..
Spoke a little quick there, TPM. Yeah it was a rough two game stretch for the Cards but they pulled it together the next two. I dont know if they will get the wildcard or not, but at least there is excitement here in St Louis. And we need some with the way the Rams are playing.

And yeah, no problem with the Brewers, Braun and Fielder seem decent enough. But Morgam is a punk.

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