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OK, I've searched the forums and can't find any posts on this yet, so here goes...<flinching>

Does anyone know about, or have any experience with, an operation that goes by "National Player Development Camp", "West Coast Select", and ""?

My son has received a bunch of invites from this organization, including a couple claiming to come from Coach Kevin Frady (Kansas) and Coach Joe Wilkins (Pepperdine). Coach Frady is not listed on the Kansas coaches directory; Coach Wilkins is listed as a Volunteer Asst Coach at Pepperdine.

My son's got a conflict and can't make the showcase anyway, but I'm trying to learn as much as I can from those that have gone before as to what's legit and what's questionable.

Thanks in advance!
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OK, I've searched the forums and can't find any posts on this yet, so here goes...<flinching>

Clearly you've done your homework and learned from others mistakes before posting, kudos for not upsetting the grouchy "Old-timers" by bringing up a question that has been hashed and re-hashed. Wish I could claim to have had the same wisdom!
I appreciate the PM's, everyone. As always, the insight and experience I find on HSBBW is exceptional and very helpful.

Given the lack of information I've been able to find about this organization, we're going to pass on it in favor of more well-known events, mainly PG. Being in the Northwest, my son has to travel to really be seen so we have to invest wisely. Not saying it wouldn't be a good experience, and I certainly am not recommending anyone else skip it. But, it's not for us.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Pitcherdad, keep in mind the old adage "CAVEAT EMPTOR." There is a huge proliferation of camps, showcases, tournaments and seminars out there these days, way more than their used to be and they all have one thing in common...MONEY. Not all of them have the common aspects of value, quality instruction, good competition, or recruiting coordinators sitting in the stands.

For the most part, at least out here on the west coast, I'd stick with Perfect Game, Head First Honor Roll, and some of the college camps either at schools your son is specifically interested in or the large camps that have good numbers of recruiting ocordinators working at them. Some of the Trosky camps are also pretty good. There are some other good camps, but too many are focused way more on the financial benefits for the promoters than they are the benefits for the players. I would not, personally, spend money to send my son to a camp where most of the coaches are volunteer assistants. Don't get me wrong, they're mostly good guys, but they're not the guys players need to be seen by.
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**PART DEUX** This is not an endorsement, just some more information!!!

I received an e-mail and a long-distance phone call from the Director of the NPDC on Wednesday. He advised there were 4 schools (3 D1's) that had specifically asked about GED10 attending. I had my doubts and so I decided to do a little follow-up e-mail with these 4 schools, as they are also actively communicating with Gun by e-mail and BeRecruited. Interestingly 2 responded positively in favor of NPDC, nothing from the other two yet. We are not going, we have another baseball commitment, this is just a follow-up FYI!!!!

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