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Next Level Baseball will be holding its National Select Camp on December 27-29 at Homeplate Baseball in Peachtree City, Georgia. This camp is for juniors and seniors and will feature an instruction day, showcase day, and game day. The camp will be directed once again by Charlie Greene Jr. of the Milwaukee Brewers. 


Past and Current Instructors Include:

Charlie Greene Jr.-Brewers Field Coordinator/Roving Catching Instructor

Charlie Greene Sr.- Coaching Legend/Author

Roger Smith-Cardinals National Crosschecker

Doug Reynolds-Brewers East Coast Crosschecker

Brian Bridges-Braves East Coast Crosschecker

David Jennings-Orioles Scout

Danny Watkins-Red Sox Scout

Antonio Grissom-Cubs Scout

Kevin Burrell-White Sox Scout

Mark McKnight-Reds National Crosschecker

Milt Hill-Rays Scout

Arthur McConnehead-Orioles Scout

Darnell Coles-Brewers Minor League Manager

Jeff Wren-Braves Special Assistant to the GM

Jason Baker-Angels East Coast Crosschecker

Alan Matthews-Rockies Scout

Carmen Carcone-Marlins East Coast Crosschecker

Lincoln Martin-Astros Scout

Scott Hennessey-Dodgers Scout

Ryan Robinson-Brewers Scout

Jack Powell-Twins Scout

Gavin Dickey-Astros Scout

Christian Castorri-Marlins Scout

Darryl Monroe-Yankees Scout

Armann Brown-Athletics Scout

Chip Lawrence-Padres East Coast Crosschecker

Ellis Dungan-Orioles Scout

Tim Davis-Former Major League Pitcher

Dustin Evans-Mariners Scout

Ross Smith-Astros Scout

Jeff Garber-Nationals Minor League Manager

Garey Ingram-Braves Minor League Hitting Coach

Tim Collinsworth-Red Sox Scout   


For more information or to register please visit or call 850-765-0364. Registration is limited to 60 players per location.    

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