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Congratulations to those that were selected to tryout for the USA Baseball national teams:

Blake Beavan & Cole Green from the Dallas Tigers 16U (Ingram) -- Youth National team

Clayton Kershaw & Shawn Tolleson from DBAT 18 (Guthrie) -- Junior National team
(also Area Code selectees)

Monk Kreder -- Keller High School -- Junior National team

Good to see local kids get national attention (I think Wink ).
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Actually, the original field of 144 was reduced to 32 yesterday. The 3 young men have made the trials which will be going on today through Thursday evening when the next cut (down to 24) will be made. Another cut (to 20) will be made in late August. Details can be found in this link.

National Team Article

The list of 32 can found here:
Jr National Team Consideration

Good luck to Kershaw, Tolleson and Kreder.
The roster was just posted on Team USA's Website. Congrats to Sean Tolleson and Clayton Kershaw for making the Team!!! I think they are the only two kids from Texas on the team. I noticed that Frank Anderson (OSU Coach)'s son Brett Anderson also made the team. He was a Texan last year, so I think we should count him!
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