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It was explained during the game, so I’m not questioning the call.  But seems like a rule that forces an umpire into a hard stance because of the rule.  Just curious what the umps out there think…. Should the player have to slide in that kind of situation?

I was looking for a link to a video of it but haven’t found it yet   article below though.

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I thought in the end the announcers reasoned it was the contact not the slide that resulted in the interference out at first.

If you slide, then there's specific rules about direct line between bases, no leg lift, etc., but if you don't then there's another set of rules which dictate what you can do regardless of whether the fielder tries to make the next play or if it would have mattered.

Not sure I would have realized it as quickly as U2 did in that game, but that's why they're there. If you don't recognize it right away, it's awfully hard to try and sell afterwards.

After reading the rule - I still can't wrap my head around it.  Even LL has a clause "Slide or avoid".

NCAA stating that on ANY force play - the runner MUST slide or alter running path away from fielder to avoid interference and that the batter runner is also out - regardless if the DP could be made - seems in my opinion overkill on the side of player safety.

While technically the correct call, I would expect the NCAA rules committee to use this as an example and reword the rule.

Two parts to this from my (armchair umpire) view:

Part 1 is that the player was seemingly just trying to stay out of the way of the 2B and was either unable to slide in time without missing the base entirely, or was just resigned to being out and thought he was going to be well clear of any possible play from the SS.

Part 2 (and worst) is that the throw from the 2B was WAY over toward the glove side of the SS, which essentially caused the interference. If it's arm side or center, there's likely no call.


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