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What does everybody hear think? Also mentioned in this article are possibly changing to the pro core as well. The pro core is harder and will cause the ball to have a faster exit speed off the bat.


If D1 goes this route will D2, and D3 follow?

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My sons a pitcher, he has a decent fb,but he relies a lot on the curve for strikes. That way hitters do not simply sit on the fb. I am interested to see how he adjusts if they do this.
He throws his 2 seam much more often rhen his 4 because he gets more movement. If this artice is correct he will probably get more movement.
Every soring since back in HS he has suffered from blisters and it will effect him for up to a week or sometimes two. So that would be another plus.
I am for it. It will help development. Men that pitch beyond college will not have to make the adustment to the new seams in additiin to every thing else.
Originally Posted by freddy77:
Originally Posted by FredLynnRS:

Will they in turn have to change BBCOR bat standards? After all it is about exit velosity of the ball off the bat and the new ball will impact that.

The new ball will not increase the exit velocity off the bat.

It will increase the distance of a long fly ball.


Freddy is correct. The lower seams allow the ball to travel 20 foot farther on particular hits, because of less drag.


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