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Originally Posted by Redsdad:

Ian, if you don't want to promote your book i will do it for you ...your book on catching is one of the best I have read; very easy read and easier to implement.  I use it to setup practice plan for our HS and Legion catchers.  Thanks for the hard work on getting us your insight.

Thanks, I really appreciate the kind words!  Would you mind emailing me a testimonial that I can use for the website?


On the record, I do think Jerry's book is also very good.  It would also compliment my book very well.

Hey guys, I have both your books, Jerry just recieved yours the other day and I purchased it bc of the pitch call/strategy section. It is great and will benifit my 2016 greatly. That is the one area(most important IMO) that has a serious lack of attention as far as available resources.

I would highly recommend both of your books as they go beyond the basics and are geared toward the next level catcher. If you know of any other pitch call/strategy/reading a hitter type stuff please let me know or where I can find it. Thanks.

Originally Posted by FredLynnRS:

I just wanted to add; The pitch call/game management section in Jerry's book is not just an overview but goes pretty in depth, about 1/3 of the book. Anyone with a catcher, of any age, should seriously consider getting this resource.

Again, if there are any other resources please let me know.

Another must have book for catching instruction - The View From Behind the Mask by Todd Coburn and Roy Anderson.  This book has a good section towards the end of it on game management.  Lots of photos with correct and incorrect techniques explained.


I primarily use their information, Ian's and Joe Wilkins when I instruct our catchers and I wasn't even catcher when I played ball.


Other good websites: - the DVD sold here is very good by the late Dave Weaver - Richard Todd (not free content) (geared towards girls softball) (not free content)


I have several more, but these should be pretty helpful.

As a current high school catching coach and one who played at the collegiate level (albeit years ago), I have purchased both Xan Barksdale's book "Catching 101" and Jerry Weinstein's book "The Complete Guide for Coaching Catchers". I must say BOTH books are excellent and both complement each other and BOTH are excellent resources for the dedicated coach.  I recommend reading Xan's book first then Jerry's.  But read them both!


Only a a few years ago, you couldn't find instructional books dedicated solely to the craft and art of Catching.  They are must reads and I can not give them any of a higher recommendation.


Nice work, gentlemen. Thank you for your time, passion, and dedication.




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