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Nationally known catching program, The New England Catching Camp is pleased to partner with Sports Perfected Training Center of Olympia, WA, and the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research to conduct catching clinics January 28-29, 2012.

Jay Weaver, the director of the camp, and NECC staff will conduct catching clinics on Saturday, Jan. 28th and Sunday, Jan. 29th for both baseball and fastpitch softball, ages 8-18. The clinics will consist of instruction on all aspects of catching skills including receiving, blocking, throwing and fielding skills. $5 of each clinic registration will go to the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. For more information on Rally, please visit

Cost of clinic is $90/student

CLICK HERE for more details, including how to register!
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Hey everyone...Just wanted to let everyone know that we've added a review session to our clinic schedule this weekend. We will be running a 90-minute review session for those catchers who attended one of the previous sessions at 3:30pm on Sunday afternoon.

You can register via the link above!

See you all soon!
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