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Recently bbscout posted a thread entitled HSBBWEB??? in which he pointed out that many of the players who started out here discussing high school baseball are now playing in college, or even in professional baseball.

We already have a forum for "After High School", but I thought many members would enjoy a forum specifically dedicated to following the pro careers of "our" players. We might also discuss draft results, even though many of the drafted players may decide to go to college first. And we might talk about issues such as "what does it take to get there?"

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Great idea!

As we have seen in some posts lately there are some agonizing decisions that young men and the parents of those young men have to go through. I really believe that each and every families' decision is a unique one. Do you go to school, do you turn professional? Each and every family is different and believe me it is not cut and dried. Other folks will judge, no matter which direction your son decides to go in, and I guess that is human nature. But the bottom line is.....what is best for the player??? He has to make that decision with input from the people he trusts and loves. It is a decision he will have to live with for the rest of his life.

Awesome idea!

Congrats to all the players drafted this year and those who have made it in the past. This is a great way to be able to keep track of everyone.

Here's a link to the Toronto Blue Jays minor league team in Lansing, MI, the Lansing Lugnuts, where Jason Armstrong, son of Infielddad, is having a great season. He was drafted last year from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX.
Lansing Lugnuts
Josh left mini-camp in Dunedin, FL yesterday evening and flew into NY. As infielddad's son before him, he will play for the BlueJays' short season "A" team, the Auburn Doubledays. Infielddad's son Jason has since moved on and is really tearing it up in Lansing, MI in "A" ball. Let's wait until my son gets a hit or two before we go passing out the link to the stats... Big Grin

Ryan's good friend David Purcey who pitched at OU and was drafted by Toronto in June of 2004 is now in Dunedin after playing last season with the Auburn Doubledays. He's doing well and appears to be moving up in the system pretty quickly. Maybe he and Josh will be teammates soon...well, I guess you could say they already are since both are in the Toronto organization.

Best of luck to Josh and we'll be watching as he progresses through the minors and hopefully one day to "The Show." clap

Congrats to your son also, infielddad. We'll be watching his progression as well. Smile

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infielddad ...
Congrats to Jason on his all star selection. After following his seaso, t is very well deserved. And now, our two guys get to be on the SAME team instead of battling each other.

Fungo ...
Great news ref Josh. I know you are very happy for him and that he will have a great future.

wvmtner ...
Great news. We are looking forward to following another HSBBWebster's son as he advances thru the ranks. Congrats.
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OUB, read a quote from the GM suggesting that Purcey may be in AA as early as next week. Several players I have spoken with have said he is a really great guy and teammate.

FBM, thank you. Jason confirmed it will be a lot more fun not having to figure out what is coming next from AJ, let alone how to hit it...which has been a problem for nearly every MWL hitter this season. What a fantastic first half AJ has had. Hope he gets that promo soon...he deserves it.
infielddad ...

Thanks for the kind words. We are just taking it one day at a time because I have found that worrying about it is tough on my tummy ... biting off acrylic nails can be harmful to one's stomach. Right now, his wife is back there with him and we are hoping that something happens soon so we don't have to ship their puppy to them on a plane (tho I am sooooo enjoying her at our house).

Are you going to try and "watch" it? I understand from the Minor League Baseball site that there will be some form of live coverage for each MiLB all star game this year and that some will even have video. Here is a link to the story:
MiLB All Star coverage
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wvmnter ...

Know just how you feel ... we were just 30 miles (anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes depending on traffic on the eastbound 91) from UCR when our son went there. He was in Yakima his first pro summer ... a far cry from the "909" .. and now in South Bend ... takes a lot longer than driving on the 91.

But it is such a thrill to follow them and your son must be pretty special to be drafted that high out of high school. I know Coaches Smith and Checketts ... who more than likely would have made a great pitcher out of your son (check the history of former Highlander Jaymie Torres who started as an outfielder and now is a relief pitcher for the Cardinals' Midwest League team (Swing of the Quad Cities) ... will miss having him on their team for the ut next three years but no one can question his desire to start his pro career. God luck to him in the future, and enjoy the ride.

Thanks. I have been in Cooperstown three times, and is an obligated stop each time I am traveling for that part of the country. I will be in New York City by 07/18/05 to 07/25/05 when Jamestown travel to play brooklyn and state Island. My wife, and other of my kids are now at Auburn watching the next two series.

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