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Yesterday at the ABCA convention I ran across a few new gadgets that I think some here will enjoy.

First, the... Pocket Radar -

This thing is real cool for the coach or the front row super dad. It's about the size of a cell phone and a rugged piece of equipment. The only downfall I see is the 120 ft. max distance for baseball velocity.

Second, the Gamechanger -

This app. is big time. I think it will drastically change how we follow amateur baseball in the future. At our upcoming team meeting, I will demand all baseball mom's to have an Iphone with this application.

Last but not least, Grapefruits at The Concession

This product doesn't have a website yet but I did see the Frozen Ropes guys using grapefruit during a demonstration. Something about how much heavier the fruit is compared to a baseball magically increases velocity anywhere from 33 - 58 mph.

Anyhow, I know most of you are at a tryout or a showcase, but this may give you something to check out on a frigid afternoon before the Cowboy game.
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