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Which is the best glove out of these 4, for a Shortstop? And which web is the best for a Shortstop? I think i'm going with a 11.5, is there any better size for a middle infeilder Shortstop?

Type of Glove

Rawlings HOH
Rawlings Pro Perferred
Wilson A2000
Wilson A2K

Web Design

Trapeeze Web
2 Peice Web

Size of Glove


All of these things are my options.

Thanks for any help. Smile
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At SS, I wouldn't go any longer than 11.5, but 11.25 will work just fine. The bigger glove you get, the harder it is to get the ball out of the web successfully every single time. I'd stay away from the 2 peice web as well. Either the I-web, or the trapeze web is perfectly fine.

And the glove that you feel fits best in your hand is the one that you should go with... There is nothing that anyone can say other than what they feel has worked best for them.
I play shortstop, and out of those options, i'd go with an 11.5, I-Web Wilson A2K. Personally, I play with Mizuno gloves. Mizuno seems to specialize in gloves, baseball-wise. But out of your choices, Heart of the Hide gloves seem to be lower grade leather then the Pro Preferred. I've had Wilson gloves in the past, and they hold up well-just as good as Rawlings. The A2000 is an older model considering that Wilson came out with the A2K not long ago, and that's a good model. As for webbing, trapeeze is more of an outfielder's webbing since it's closed; 2 Peice Webs tend to get loose easily; but I-Webs are sturdy and made for infielders. Size is optional, but i'd stick with 11.5. 11.25 tends to get too small, and is more for a second baseman. 11.75 is usually made for third baseman. Gloves are real expensive now, so choose wisely.

Hope this helps.
I have a Rawlings HOH 11.25 and a Wilson A2K 11.25 and A2000 11.50. All have I webs.

To be honest, my Rawlings doesn't get much use. I love the feel and fit of my Wilsons. I use the 11.25 for 2nd base and 11.5 at SS.

Just an FYI....My Rawlings 11.25 seems to be the same size as my Wilson 11.50. Maybe it is just me, but it seems Wilson's run a little small, IMO.

I also have a 11.00 glove from Mexico that I really like as well.

Just my .02
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