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This is a good reference for new HSBBWeb members getting started with their college baseball journey.  It includes all NCAA divisions, NAIA and JUCO by state.  There was a separate thread that referenced the above URL, and a couple of us thought it was a good idea to share more broadly...hence a standalone thread.

PS...I'd never heard of ATBA, but this data appears to be accurate (2 years old) and a pretty good free resource. 

Good luck!

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It's a good site.  The links to most schools could be useful, although many of the NAIA links don't work.

However, some of the info may be slightly misleading.  If you click on a state, it first says "Schools that offer baseball" by level.

Then there is a category "Individual scholarship opportunities" - that seems to be simply calculated by multiplying the number of schools at a level by the maximum for that level.  So, if there are 9 D1 schools, it says 9 x 11.7=105.3 scholarships.  But people need to know that not all D1 schools fund up to the maximum.

The third category is "Individual roster spots in state".  Here they have mostly multiplied D1 schools x 35, D2 x 35, D3 x 30 (??), NAIA x 30, and JUCO x 30.  I guess these give a rough idea of numbers of spots, but people should know that these things can vary a lot (and in particular, many D3/NAIA schools have more than 30 players on a team).

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