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So. We put the baby on a plane tonight. He will land in Phoenix in a couple of hours and if he passes his physical, he will graduate me from a “college commit” mom to a “minor league” mom sometime tomorrow when he officially signs. He chose to have the first coach who ever believed in him at age 7 and the guys he played with for over seven years over to hang out before he left (with their families who are our family). He gave his daggon draft hat to the knucklehead in the front in the green/blue shirt because it was “too small for me and plus I will get more.”  Three of the guys who came (not all in the pix because they had summer league games) play D3, one plays CC, one is commited  to D1 and one plays D3 lacrosse. All are friends for life. That’s what baseball is about. Also, please note the poignant picture with his suitcase at the airport. And the 2nd one taken 30 minutes later when he realized he left his glove in the car. He is, after all, still an 18 year old boy.

Through everything, he learned his self-worth and the importance of being himself. He also learned how much of a business baseball is as his decision to hold to his number actually affected several of his former high school and travel teammates in a really good way.

Thanks to so many of you for your amazing advice and well wishes.  I ain’t going anywhere!FF31C5A4-002A-476D-96E8-A06C1B570BAA9D5651D9-4F3B-4452-8A12-96B5BFCAB3166808DF3A-2474-47A4-A43D-68518D952E26

As we all know, here’s where the frickin hard work begins.

P.S. Homemade lemon buttercream icing on the cupcakes!! Kinda proud of myself. 😂


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@RJM posted:

Congratulations! I imagine the training camp will have him in a dorm. When he gets assigned will the organization place him with a family? I was surprised to find out the Red Sox place players with families all the way through AA ball.

Not sure, but it's possible that early round draft prospects will remain at their teams spring training facility.   Because of the changes and realignment in teams, no specific playoffs were planned though I heard AAA will have playoff rounds. 

Uh, yeah. We all knew that already.

"The Padres viewed second-rounder James Wood as one of the biggest upside picks in the draft."

' “He was a guy we probably didn’t feel like we’d even get... with our first pick, honestly,” Padres General Manager A.J. Preller said last week at the conclusion of the draft. “You talk about outlier ability and talent … it’s a really good swing for a bigger person. It’s not a long swing. It’s a short stroke. He performed last summer. …

“Our job is to help him realize his ability, but he’s got a chance to be a power, impact bat that plays a corner outfield spot and one of those guys you get excited about what the possibilities are for down the road.” '

First official game as a professional is in the books. 3 plate appearances. 1 HBP, one opposite field line drive single, one walk, 1 RBI, 2 stolen bases and several plays at center field. I just had to share the first outing with my friends!

Oh, and for those who asked earlier, they put the guys up at hotels in the Rookie league (Which has the awful name of the ACL for the Arizona Complex League).

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