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Between The Lines Baseball is preparing to annouce our pre-season All-American list for the upcoming season. Everyone in the country knows the obvious players but we are looking for nominations of players we may not have heard of and you feel should be considered. Please send your player recommendations to and tell us why we should select your player. We will be comprising rankings on the regional and national levels.
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Sometimes venting is good for you! Now it is my turn:
You will see our Pre-Season All-American team will include only the best players in the country. That will be varified by their college committments and draft position.

I agree it will hurt the game if you have people ranking players that have no business being ranked. If players are getting ranked for the wrong reasons ($$$$) that will be the downfall. Unlike a lot of events you DO NOT have to attend a BTL event to be named a BTL All-American. This keeps our selection process pure.

I just to throw that in and get that off my chest as well!

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