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I just got back from 10 days in N. Carolina, helping (I think) my son get settled in for "A" ball in Hickory. I had never been to that part of the country before. It's beautiful. I got to visit Greensboro and the opening of their new stadium. Wow! 8,017 people were there for the opening game. I also got the opportunity to see a game in Ashville's historic stadium. What a great atmosphere. By far Asheville had the best between innings entertainment of any game I've attended. Hickory also has a great stadium with alot of charm. Other than experiencing a lot of rain, the trip was great and I look froward to going back sometime this summer.
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Minor league ball is definitely alive and well in North Carolina. Though there are a lot of newer venues, I like the older ones. They have "charm".

The college fields are improving at a rapid rate. UNC-Greensboro has a beautiful stadium, Davidson has just finished an upgrade as has Elon. UNC-W has a very nice facility.

The big schools have great facilities. NC State, Carolina, ECU .....

It's a nice state for baseball.
02^04 Mom,
I'm sure they will play in Ashville again. My son is with the Hickory Crawdads. If you were at the first game April 11th, my son was catching and was hit in the hand by a pitch while hitting. We were afraid it was broken, but thankfully just a 92 mile/hr "bruise". We are hoping he will be able to play again soon.
Ashville's third baseman, Dustin Hahn was a few years ahead of my son in high school, but they were teammates for a year. It was great to see him. Take care.
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